Saturday, March 25, 2023

Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Install! [Part 2]

Main Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Install! [Part 2]

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    Thanks to Seatgeek! Download the app and end the code ‘TJ’ for $20 off your first purchase! (restrictions apply) WIN MY MUSTANG GT!


    You can wrap it


    Hey TJ I just saw a video of an gt3 458 completely build for you to see it and take an exaple for you car the video is called GT3 458 4k

    Zeus Hemlock

    Amazing build, so excited to see the finished product, great job!!!

    Sahil Monga

    Baby blue with a tricolore stripe down the middle would look dope

    Jake Clay

    get TJ on season 2 of Hyperdrive!


    outro song?

    Steve Stumbaugh
    Andrew Gregg

    Love the super detailed daily vids. Keep these coming.

    Silver Drake

    Have you seen this video of the kit on a 458?

    Edmond Tarantini

    Found same body kit gt3 Ferrari 458 looks soo dope.


    Lambo doors? I’m just saying 🤷🏻‍♂️


    "I'm pretty sure it's in….." Sabrina probably hears this a lot from TJ

    Viktor Sligo

    Common purpose trained, dude? "Going forward" Oh that's common purpose speak for into the future

    Dakota Hernandez


    Patrick Mitchell

    Full send let’s go! The gt3 side mirrors should be a must Teej! They don’t look that small visibility can’t be that bad🤷‍♂️

    Joseph Khanda

    Are you going to get the race headlights as well


    Wait there’s no shipping to Canada for his clothes shop? Was trying to buy a sweater wtf

    Jose German

    LOVE THIS BUILD…I really be checking for the updates and new videos keep them coming!!!!!

    favian lawrence

    Dont forget the GT3 Hood bro…


    Put that 458 yellow.. It would be beautiful

    Patrick Hansen
    Joseph Delgado

    Guaranteed it’s HRE. It’s his favorite wheel company plus Micky has the hook ups😂 they’ll look sooooo good

    Hamzah Hussain

    Beard look dope bro.

    Zac Izzy

    Paint it Ferrari Grigio medio

    Tiberius Mihai Orzescu

    Paint it blue and make the headlights yellow!


    Why don't you just wrap it. It look cooler in satin

    MR. Jack

    Lol,I work for my boss and workshop was bigger than your ….
    But,your equipment are better than mine
    How ridiculous……

    Anthony Roper

    Do you, do you really? Lol


    Bro hit up boss beard and see if they will sponsor you there stuff is awesome

    HydraMods YT

    I want David dobrik to tour your shop and show him that your Ferrari is built not bought


    You want to build a Sema car right…. then you should repaint the entire car properly, don't try to paint the new fenders it will never match 100% with the rest of the car! You want Sema quality, do it properly. Only concern is time. A premium level car paint takes time (& money 😉 )


    It's not a front diffuser, it's a front splitter and rear diffuser 😉

    Adam Dirksen

    Song name?

    SG_ Cars

    That’s you should get aftermarket tail lights and headlight, a hood that has vents and carbontastic steering wheel for the ferrari


    What tool was he using to cut to the carbon Kevlar ?

    Josh Estep

    This has already been done !!!!

    Mark Thebarber19

    Ok it's not no shave November the beard has gotta go bro lol

    Zion Cozart

    Yellow is the way to go

    Tyler Austin

    paint the fenders black if you want to change it it will look good with anyything

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