Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Install! [Part 3]

Main Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody Install! [Part 3]

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    Ferrari is not making this easy! Time to start designing our own parts! Thank you to Carly for partnering up! Here’s where you can get 20% off your Carly OBD …

    Tj Hunt

    Word of the day: married

    Hami Atalar


    Kevin Gerhard

    Very nice Car Respekt für die Work


    Get back with me if you can


    It’s Not Letting Me Enter!!! Shipping error

    Garrick Spencer dude check out this GT3 in SF

    YT Dishu


    Yo boi JJ

    Married counter:

    Josue Machado

    cut the beardd

    Matthew San Filippo

    It’s great to see all the boys working on the 458 again 👍🏻

    Omar Espinoza

    not feeling the patchy beard lmao

    lynden louiza

    tj getting that dad beard


    so when is the full send? xD


    This has already been done and executed to the highest level…. Should have took it to a professional if this was your goal. It’s not a Honda. #ruined

    Daniel Nunes

    so good to see awesome content unlike another channel that has completely faded with cheesy content and pre recorded crap…… RIP DD………

    Fifty Legend

    You could emulate the look of the carbon garnish by leaving that area carbon

    Den Ardi

    Ah anjing kebanyakan ngomong dari pada ngerjain bodykitnya

    David Gibbs

    Camera and editing is crapola..


    You are giving away the Mustang but is the problem solved going in limp-mode when doing launch control?

    Oscar Ho
    Staticx M.

    Goonzquad need a rearbumper😂

    Feckry Ag Ghani

    Dollar shave club should hook u up teej 🧔🧔

    jedigen Ti Tambii

    Goonzquad 🖤

    Cameron Curtis

    I like the new wheels ( reflection in his glasses ) <3

    Andre August

    CONGRATS on the marriage if it’s true TJ. Big fan of yours. FURTHERMORE, I saw this and I can’t wait to see you 458 up and running.
    ( )

    Vihanga Vishmith

    Bro you should build the interior of your supra

    Mark Boracay

    Am going to unsubscribe this channel cause modding perfect cars like a brand new Supra or a Ferrari 458 with a fugly body kit doesn’t really make any sense and I truly hope nobody will try this at home.

    Meehzy G

    Shave that shit Mr Married


    Beard looks good tj

    Greg Mojher

    Omg Tj I love when you talk about Big Meat!

    Damien Winters

    Tj looks like Travis pastrana 🤣🤣


    dope content! but yo, my dude looking like a discount sasquatch with all that extra hair lmaoooo

    HoLee Fok

    Yo you look disgusting with that beard please shave lmaoooo

    Ethan Anderson

    Where is the s2000

    Braeden Pokar

    Make sure you get that prenup 🤫🤫 never know what will happen in the future

    adrian perez

    Yo TJ what did you use to epoxy that metal bracket onto the inside of the rear bumper? What kind of epoxy or what? Thanks.

    Filly Dawit

    TJ looking a lil rough. You good?


    @tjhunt I think if you have issues with the kit you should contact Dannyp1818's youtube channel, they have a 458 with the kit on


    get different mic pls

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