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Fiberglass "Cisitalia" had half a Duesenberg engine & raced at Bonneville | Barn Find Hunter – Ep 72

Main Fiberglass "Cisitalia" had half a Duesenberg engine & raced at Bonneville | Barn Find Hunter – Ep 72

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    Tom Cotter continues the hunt for forgotten cars in St. George, Utah. After talking with the owner of a street rod shop, Tom makes a few connections and sets up …


    Now that is 1 of 1.

    Robert Phillips

    Did they take a “Splash Mold” of that car?

    fifty years

    Last guy that cut a Duesenberg engine in half was last seen with Jimmy Hoffa.

    garth locklin

    Find a Devin fiberglass car that runs; i always found unfinished projects in the 80's and now i never see them.

    Communism Man


    Kyle Henricks

    "Might be a hot engine" LOL NOBODY steals a flat 6!!


    Another Mind blown….I so want to see follow up episodes…TBH this needs to become a full on show as sure you would have massive base of people watching
    Thanks for your Time and finding these machines of beauty

    frederic rike

    I remember pictures of this car and Cadillac Allards in Road and Track- when it was a little pocket book size and only had B&W pics! Hope these people have heard of Iron Trap Garage- he has some out of sight period FH parts and accessories! Oh, Golly, Dang- I hope we get another look as it is done and when it is done! (FWIW; B&W= black and white- it's a kind of old "ok, Boomer" sort of thing!)


    Excuse my ignorance, but what is a 'splash mold'? Never heard the term before. Should have restored that 57 Buick back to stock. Another great show!

    Henry Koester



    Cool car! Love you he crazy chassis on that thing!


    New logo?

    Kevin Tucker

    I’d love to see that chop sawed Duesenberg 4 cylinder engine!

    Daver G

    VW vans are cool as hell, but the prices are out of the world even for trashed ones, you can't even buy a rusted out with any parts on it for $1400. And they're slow etc.

    James Stevens

    Tom, if you're on Facebook you HAVE to join the "Crimes Against Automobiles" group – it defies explanation.

    Old Man

    That front split solid axle is a Len Terry design. (Len designed for Lotus, BRM and Eagle)

    Return of the Native

    DO NOT let your wife pick the colour.
    A friend of mine let his wife get his Kenworth painted whilst he was away in his other truck & came home to find it pink.

    andreas deufel

    Imagine THAT! Find a Diamond by accident! Please follow this build.


    Are you sure Marty the painter isnt ray romano

    Tyler Shea

    00:46 made me laugh

    Rafael Sanchez

    That's so fucking kool! Especially the old footage. We should keep up with this build!

    The Real Drunkard Hu

    10 kids!!! Ata boy! Teach them well.


    When are you driving the woody to Palm Springs, and the area?

    Al T

    there was a car show from about 2008 or so called lord of the car hordes, where they'd go into people barns, yards, sheds, etc, etc, etc , now these people where hoarders, the typical no not for sale 'i'll do it up one day guys ….
    anyway, the deal as they got to keep one car and these guys would 'restore' one for free and sell off whatever else was valuable….
    anyway in one of the episodes they had this guy with about 30 or 40 corvairs in his yard including a few vans, like the one at the start of this episode …
    you never know it may have been from that car show

    WoT Fegano

    Jesus 10 Kids, i guess its good that he have now an new hobby in Chevy Restauration. Greetings from Germany

    Gene Holmes

    I'd love to ride in that car. Contact Jay Leno for the motor!


    Great vid Sir.

    Владислав Карпенко

    Делайте больше time lapse

    Lawrence Ross

    As the owner of a '66 Corsa, I approve of the Greenbrier!

    shaundis buddyguy

    That Buick story is amazing to me . Cut a Duesenberg motor into 3 to make a 4 banger even in the 50`s seems nuts .Great episode this week .


    The Greenbriar was a real wake up. So much like a VW. Thanks, as always , for sharing. I had The Brute a while but it never stood up in a real race. The suspension on that car you showed is amazing.


    That Cisitalia literally looks like a piece of playground equipment.

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