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    GET YOUR MERCH! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Miami Fishing

    starters bad

    Molly Lafayette

    My boyfriend and I think you should get a Crown Vic eventually ! My boyfriend has been watching your videos ever since you started on YouTube. Since he was like 16 and he's 21 now. His name is Jethro Jones

    Boosted E90

    Here for the “DAB hits” comments lol. 😂


    Chris is literally wrecking the sr miata as i type this

    Jason Petrich

    Make sure rudnik see's this !!!!!!!! Youngstaic will help him,

    Scoota Bron

    When you got your crx i thought itd be sick if you guys collabed

    santos rodriguez

    You need to but a neo head on the sr20 roadster


    I purchased a lanyard about 3 years ago now , never received it, can I just please, please get a lanyard that you don’t even use anymore , receiving one that was used by you will make up for the 3 years of disappointment, everyone please like this so Rudnik can see this !!!!!!!

    Dizzy Foxx

    I’m dying iv watched this 49 times waiting for the new vid to I’m starting to get depresso Chris I need your contenttttt I hope you’re ok duuudee

    carson lessif

    Ruddy….. I love ya buddy but finish one car at a time and have a nasty fleet of cars, not half finished projects

    Koree Jackson

    We have already put it on the Dyno we have already went to the track in we have already put a oil cooler on we have already picked up a dog in…… And we are already tired of hearing about it 🤷‍♂️

    Alex Stava


    Travis Griffith

    This should be Courtney’s Miata named red raspberry lol since you have blueberry.


    "Runs like a glove " is corney AF and makes no sense but i chuckle everytime he says it , so silly he is at times !!


    I once bought a 1991 crx with bent valves non running for $50 and pulled the head and rebuilt it , lapped rhe valves and put it back together , threw it out front and it sold before the sun went down first day for $1100 . A month later the couple who bought it came out to the street after hearing a crashing sound, some guy wasted off his ass in a 90 impala stationwagon rear ended it while it was parked , ins co cut them a check for twice they paid for it.

    Epsilon 115

    I own an NB and all I get on ig is “why didn’t you buy a NA” because I love the NB

    Cb Wilson

    Chris you don’t have a good connection somewhere.. either positive on the starter..don’t buy a new starter.. it turns the engine over if you jump the starter..

    Hacked Garage

    How can you be in Florida and still not have a static car

    Gavin Strange

    Bro yes! Love the track content. Keep up the hard work bro! Been supporting since you were back in your neighbors garage working on the Ricer Miata.

    Lucifer Lane

    When you gunna do sum with the Lexus?

    Matthew Balok

    Fits like a glove an a half

    Lu’s Garage

    Rudnick the only man to cap off a pcv valve😂😂


    "this thing starts like a glove" cranks over 6 times before starting 🥴


    check the ground e


    Where is the GTR?


    Chris, if you haven't take a comedy club version of drivers ed. Use it in a video. Some do it at an IHOP. Also insurance discount.

    Can’t Make Bail Racing

    shout out youngstatic ! guys an og and is a great source for honda info

    Dominic V

    Shout out to Eugene

    darin Schultheis

    Bring the civic and motor to the booster boys do a video with them they could probably get that running one weekend in dynode

    Ben Pancake

    copped another junk hoodie last night


    Car faxing videos coming soon?? XD


    Sounds like you're missing an engine earth. Put a jump lead from battery negative to the engine and see if it fires up

    Tread Quarters

    My Subaru does this lol turn your steering wheel and try and start it

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