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Finding A Broken Wire Using Logic

Main Finding A Broken Wire Using Logic

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    In this video I run through my diagnostic process of “find the break” in a circuit. This is usually a pretty simple task of simple logically breaking down the diagram …

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    Ace Brown

    Shrinks Dinks???? Lol

    Pinkie Love

    were can i gat wire diagrams for a 2013 mazda 6 ..


    Great wiring diagrams. Did those come from GM or Mitchell on demand? How do I get diagrams like that? I didn't look at the links.

    James Watkins

    It won’t be fixed until you put tires on it

    Honter Lin

    And nowhere in the video did he pull out LoadPro test leads. Clearly not a sponsor, unlike NAPA.


    Actually I need to do those tests to my truck because it has a chronic intermittent evap issue I just haven't slapped the Autel on it yet been busy with home issues.


    As usual it was a learning opportunity for us that aren't good at electrical issues. I wish you did more of these like you have in the past. I do enjoy all your videos though so please keep making them!!!!


    Great troubleshooting lessons

    David Sprocket

    Have your battle plan. Know the lay of the land. Divide, divide, and divide again if need be. Then conquer!
    Great teaching. Apply to almost any troubleshooting. Love it.

    Howard Iko

    Hope he does not need a sticker. Those tires don't look like winter in the Southern Tier.

    Don Desnoo

    The tool to turn that on costs more than my 1500$ voyager . Light stopped coming on after stop filling while running.πŸ€—

    Don Desnoo

    If that was a Chrysler the spare wouldn't have come down for beginners.πŸ€—

    Therese Kennedy

    A visual would have let you see the abrasion.


    An old mechanic I worked with said he would connect AC to two wires he suspected and plug it in. When he saw smoke, he knew where the short was. Not recommend if there's an ECU in the circuit, but in the1930s, no problemo.

    Jim Eldridge

    I can't do this….nope no way, do I have the talent you have…no way ,,,no how….I sure wish you weren't 1000 miles away. What is the mileage between Centerton, Ar. and Avoca NY?

    Smitty Smithsonite

    Fan-friggin-tastic vid, brother!Β πŸ‘πŸ‘

    My biggest problem is getting past the 'spending money for information' thing. I just can't! I feel like if you spend anything north of $10k on a vehicle, that info should be supplied with said vehicle! It's a principle thing, to me anyway. But, that ain't helping me fix any vehicles … so as much as it pains me, I have to spend the money. But, I WILL complain about it!! Loudly, too. And with F-bombs.😁

    I also have nearly ZERO luck with visuals. I see melted loom … BINGO! I start digging. Wires are good – just the loom melted. Further down I see a hole in the loom like you found. It's tucked up behind a million things I can barely reach. My arms are burning from the contorted angle they're at trying to cut the loom open. Again – NOTHING inside! Hour wasted! Wires good! And this is how it goes for me, 95% of the time. I could've run a new wire in that amount of time. Of course, patience helps … of which I have none. A little luck would go along way with me, too. πŸ˜‚

    Chris Boyd

    I remember Shrinky Dinks !!

    ianu ianuro

    Another good trick,from SMA

    Mike Hartmann

    My preferred method for finding a broken wire is a quart of gasoline and a match. A bit messy, I know


    Eric O, where do you get all your electric plans from?


    As Colonel Klink would say- "Very Interesting!"

    John Pilgrim

    β€œCan not compute… need more input” – number 5 and that blazer πŸ˜‚


    What if you took the L.R. wheel off, give you easier access. Just me being a sarcastic dink! They still make the shrinky dinks

    bryan rut

    Needs tires

    Matthew Tucknott

    Eric, I enjoy your videos very much and they give me confidence to work on my motorcycle. Thanks for the content, maybe I shall make some videos of my own for youtube but with motorcycle mechanics.

    G Alexander

    Another great job. Except, the car should be red-tagged until those winter tires are replaced.

    Jeff Young

    Holy crap those tires! Great job on the wire hunt Mr. O.

    Steve O’Donald

    Another very good video, Eric. It seemed liked you lost your "mojo" for a while (I havn't been watching videos in order, but I look at the posted dates)…. This video, you just had it all in there. Keep em' up like this, when you can, we all know you're busy.

    Also, just simply, love your work πŸ™‚


    i have spent the last 2 days sifting through a sea of green crusties. connectors with the weather proof seals missing, front probed ruined female terminals, knife cuts in the insulation then taped over, 31 bargain basement unsealed butt connectors and what hack wiring job is complete without a handful of scotch locks. after finding all the issues, i was surprised that the truck even ran at all….going into this with the right frame of mind and sticking to my process prevailed.

    Robert Langford

    Somehow Eric O always gets the best jobs, the ones everybody else has already had a go at.

    throttle bottle

    don't have any tools, but i;d assume you should have to hit "seal" first, which to me would close the vent and tank pressure should slowly change to positive pressure with thermal fuel change alone, if not then the purge sol. may be leaking past or fuel cooling off rapidly(not very likely lol) no positive increase after x time could and likely is a leaking vent, gas-cap, tank, line…

    throttle bottle

    I'm surprised you don't have dealer plates you can slap on any vehicle and test drive them? or is that like a voodoo impossible item in NY lol

    throttle bottle

    shrinky dinks, when you jump in cold water :)))
    lite*brite, easy bake lol and on and on and on

    throttle bottle

    wire corroded in half, yeehaw. i forget the most likely spot they corrode in half, either at the connector or about 3" ahead of it.
    lol.. i think that was the common spot on them.
    **so much for my memory, after seeing it over above the axle, that rings a bell on the suv and trucks πŸ˜‰

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