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Firing Up ABANDONED Racetrack Equipment at the Freedom Factory!! (freedom filled results)

Main Firing Up ABANDONED Racetrack Equipment at the Freedom Factory!! (freedom filled results)

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    Let’s see if some of this old equipment will work! Cleetus Merch!!! – Our 2020 Sponsors: …


    JCWhitney here we come lol!

    Muscle Hustle and Horsepower

    You trending Cleeter

    Shawn Vandyke

    Supercharged 10.3l v8


    Paint it back yellow and call it banana boat

    Chris Tree

    Lol have same blue star key clip lmao


    This circuit is just getting better and better


    Loving all the new Freedom Factory edits/ is so sick..πŸ€˜πŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ€˜πŸ»

    Made In Poverty

    The rollback has locks on the bed. You have to slide it back so far before it can raise

    Friend of the One-Eyed Ladies

    Don't use starting fluid (or brake cleaner) on a gasoline motor. Dries the piston rings out. Instead, dump a couple tablespoons of gasoline down the carb and she'll start right up.

    Jade S

    You need to host a 99mile all bicycle invitational.


    Seems like those tilt beds have a lock built in so you can't tilt it if it's too far forward.

    You can do a ton of work with one of those. I almost bought one last year. But being in NY it was such a POS it needed a whole new cab.

    That One Sniper Main

    I don’t like american cars that much but I can assure you that this man is the most American car enthusiasts in the world :d

    CD’S Automotive Garage

    Sounds like has a misfire . Do good tune up and air filter and it be set . I most definitely wanna see more of this truck

    sum moner

    Why does this dude cut his hair so he's really short in the front and long in the back. It looks so stupid. lmao

    Ed Fleming

    Damn Skippy!


    This channel is my #1 favorite channel on YouTube. I've been watching since just before Cleetus & Cooper took on LeRoy as a project. I've watch their collection of cars grow from Project Neighbor, The Dale Truck, Ruby, The Jet Car (even though they discontinued that due to safety concerns), The Ford Galaxie, The MINI BOGGER 3000, The Crustang, Toast, The Mystery Machine, The Golf Cart, Cooper's CTS-V Wagon, Cleetus' Can-Am Turbo RR, James' Nissan 240SX… I have kept up with ALL the builds these guys have worked on & now that they've gone out & bought a damn race track. OMG… this is just the beginning guys. You watch! These guys are going places in the next 5, 10, 20 years. I plan on watchin all of it too!

    Nace Garner

    Only other cool thing now is you have the pace car going and you can have bruce wilson bring his firetruck

    Philip Lister

    Next time bring a hemi over here to Australia for the burnouts

    Rick Delair

    Are those lights 1000 watt metal halide, or 1500 watt? I would LOVE to have a 1500 watt MH bulb and a ballast! I have a fair amount of 1000 watt, but always wanted a 1500 watt and a ballast for my lighting collection! If you go to scrap them and they are 1500 watt, PLEASE keep me in mind on a ballast an bulb, even a complete fixture. Been wanting one of these to add to my HID bulb and ballast collection for at least 25 years! thanks in advance if it could maybe happen! Always awesome when old British JCB "diggers" fire right up and old "tree-fitty" small block Chebby roll backs also fire up! That truck is actually pretty nice! AND—if you need to contact me with regards to a bulb and ballast, it is and thanks guys! πŸ˜€

    Samantha Broome

    Completely freakin awesome

    Harry Faircloth

    I predict the first opening will be SOLD OUT!

    marc wallace

    Do not run that rollback with the pto engaged. PTO should only be on when using the hydraulics. If you leave it on while driving it will burn up the PTO, the pump and the transmission.

    Grim Reaper



    omg i also want this digger tractor


    I was rooting for the flatbed to run.. I was Like hell yeah when y’all were like β€œhell yeh!” I felt that lol

    Country Boy56

    Sounds like a 350

    Pedro Parra

    Just saw the fat guy from DonutMedia sent Cletus a shout out on the Monte Carlo episode… Do it for Dale!!!

    Horn Pheara


    scott frechette

    What the hell is wrong with your voice….

    Chandler Rodriguez

    need truck show there

    Daniel Castillo

    I kind of miss Leroy though

    Connor Clark

    What about the boat?

    Vancer Ridgerry

    I know a name for the flat bed truck

    Her name is Flat bed Betty

    Patrick Whitehead

    those checker flag graphics on that beauty used to look AMAZING


    You need to slide deck back before you can tilt it up lol

    Wicked Elite

    @8:49 dont run yourself over.

    Eric Foreman

    β€œThis week on roadkill!”

    Gage Thomas

    Name the f150 lereda

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