Thursday, March 23, 2023

Firing Up the Freedom Factory's ABANDONED Pace & Fire Rescue Car! (it's actually awesome!!!)

Main Firing Up the Freedom Factory's ABANDONED Pace & Fire Rescue Car! (it's actually awesome!!!)

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    An old pace car/fire and safety car?? Let’s see if it’ll start! Cleetus Merch!!! – Our 2020 Sponsors: …

    Cleetus McFarland

    That late night post! Sorry this vid was so short! Got some long vids coming this week!!

    Joe N

    you should invest in some battery senders

    Shane Black Lord

    Hello Crew! You need to modify that cage so human Giraffe Hybrids can drive it safely, Seriously dude that is NOT safe to drive As is. Raise the cage if your going to keep it otherwise Look into how much you can get for a clean running 1600CC engine (check though, it may be hot rodded with a larger cc kit it was very popular to do with older Horizontally opposed four cylinder engine You might be seriously suprized at what they are worth, It is very popular to restore 23 window volkswagen camper vans and original motors are scarce now.

    Jeff Parker

    Can't wait to see what you do with the pace buggy.. That'll end up being a really cool build! Get in touch with Azn, I'm sure he has some parts laying around! <3

    Jeremy Tayman

    Rotary swap the cart like the mystery machine?

    Shanil Nathoo

    Rotary swap?


    Watching these people try to work on shit is like watching a couple of drunk 16 year olds work on shit.. painful

    Emmanuel Meris

    Imagine that pace buggy with a Subaru EJ20 motor in it. There are kits to adapt it to the VW transaxle. It wouldn't even need to be turbo'd, in fact it's probably a good idea not to, considering the positioning of the roll cage. no one would be able to actually keep up with the pace car. That would be awkward.


    Hey if y'all need any advice about that VW motor I thoroughly suggest heading over to Mustie1's channel, he knows pretty much all there is to know about them and he produces great content with it! πŸ™‚ P.S. that car was clearly made for me with my 5'4" height XD


    dont forget the suzuki

    Z31 Nation

    Just got the tickets for this Sunday's event in Houston. See you out there. Hopefully you can get me into the burnout area bought something to destroy. We're going to do it for Dale


    Should do an ej swap on that beast


    I’m from Southern California and I can’t wait to go to an event here!

    gravelyeti gravelyeti

    don't mess with this beast, it's a classic bit of history

    Beard Gangdee

    This is what you call a little touch of merica hell yea brother πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    stone town riders

    Decent πŸ‘


    I want to see u guys fire up the motorcycle too!!


    Eyyyyy trending tab

    Jason Corbett

    the motorcycle engine out of the golf cart could be interesting in that


    I predict big fun things with the broom buggy. It’s fun driving slow cars fast.

    Toxic Flicks

    your buggy vs boosted boys buggy


    air cooled is cool

    Steve Baessler

    Cant wait to see more of that track!!


    The f150 needs a gt500 engine or a hemi lol


    Of course the only car to not run is the Ford, F-1 shitty

    Lance Graham

    I know a few guys in Adelaide who would love those barrels 🀣🀣🀣


    The roller wheel was common on vw's until the mid 70's.


    me waiting for cleetus to post 😒😒😒

    Eric Adair

    Started watching this channel because he’s legit so smart but sponsored cause I wanted to watch out


    K24 The safety car!

    Dan Halas

    Straight pipe it, those V-6s Sound amazing, Duals lol

    Seth Mabile

    f-150 burnout truck? maybe drag truck?

    Azul Lavanda TM
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