Monday, March 27, 2023

First Drive! The 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid and Plug-In

Main First Drive! The 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid and Plug-In

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    The fourth generation Escape brings back the powertrain taxi drivers found durable and efficient- the hybrid. This time around there’s a plug-in version that Ford …


    I was so caught off guard by the battery in the spare wheel well

    Lloyd Mildon

    Things are getting dicey in the Middle East? 🤣

    Ivan Vojt

    Could Ford have picked a dumber spot to mount the 12V battery? You can adjust the load floor to level out the cargo slope.

    Tom Mihelich

    By the way, on a previous topic: Lanmodo is now offering a $400 discount to interested parties who sign up for their newsletter toward their next generation Vast Pro that Tom previewed for us all a couple weeks ago.

    Tom Mihelich

    Why they stuck the battery right in the middle where the spare should reside is beyond stupid. There’s plenty of room in there for both a battery and spare tire if one were to remove the foam spacer. I would think that Ford, when it owned Volvo, might have noticed how the latter placed both in the back of an XC70!

    dygardion 91

    This car is Boooooooring

    Kent Gabriel

    between you, TFL, Alex on Autos….Ive now come to realize they Ford reps didn't show you guys the cargo floor can be raised up on those small braces on either side of the floor to create a flat floor. Just an FYI for you. 🙂


    Hi Tom. Quick question. Why is the 2020 Kuga so different (much better looking IMHO). Isn’t it the same car? Thanks for the usual great videos!

    Ari Casual

    Hi Tom, quick question. Isnt the tabs in the trunk just like the Kia soul and Nissan rogue, are the tabs to slot in the trunk floor to adjust floor height to make it a flat floor??


    I'm surprised the hybrid doesn't have that stupid artificial noise maker (PWS) that they are now requiring for new EV's. I saw this on the new Tesla model 3 built in September.

    K P

    This will be my next car. I have 2013 Ford Fusion Energi plug-in. The best car I have ever owned!


    6:45 really they are blaming women for the way this looks? Seems like unimaginative designers to me. It's a raised Focus boring and to safe. Not look of a 2020 vehicle.

    Robert Stillman

    Looking forward to the CR-V Hybrid. I have experienced Honda Accord Hybrid and it is excellent. Quality of Honda is likely to be much better than that of the Escape.


    7:14 Roman

    SS S

    Nice hatchback.

    Chuck Lucas

    Can a spare tire fit instead of the (de)flater kit ?

    William Erazo

    You fool me. Was lookin forward for plug in

    Joe E.

    It has the same tail lights as the RAV4. The interior looks cheap.



    Sasha White

    Wow, so beatiful background! This is why i love this chanel. And car too…

    Steve Reaburn

    5:30 is that Ford having a sense of humour with the golf club bags 'Chev'?


    So far this new Escape is really shaping up to be a strongly competitive vehicle – far, far more impressive than any of its earlier iterations!

    Kevin Remsen

    It will be very interesting to see how this matches up with the RAV4 Hybrid and recently announced CR-V Hybrid.

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