Monday, March 27, 2023

First Drive + Wash in My Saab 9-3 Arc in 2 Years!

Main First Drive + Wash in My Saab 9-3 Arc in 2 Years!

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    Today I take my 2003 Saab 9-3 Arc for a drive for the first time in two years and give it a wash (and catch a crash on camera…). How does it run and what does …

    Auto Autopsy

    4:27 👀


    HAHA i remeber commenting that i got tired of the sound my og9-3 when i put 3" full exhaust on it, and you saying how can you get tired of it.. :D…

    Richard Olsen

    I see you did use a wash-mitt for cleaning the dust/debris off your paint. But did you dry it or did you let the sun dry it?

    Drying it with a towel makes ALL the difference in how it looks when dry!

    My black car looks like crap if I just clean it and let it air-dry…

    Claudia Yaneth Partida Morales

    I have a Saab arc 9 3 convertible and I love it Danny

    Cardboard Silver

    The Arc looks like mine after a rain storm.

    Also, never asked. How musty smelling was the interior? When I bought my Aero, it had sat for a year, and smelled pretty stale inside.

    Also also

    ♪Bing Bong♫

    Thrwback.Throttle _

    Miss my saab


    The exhaust sounds identical to my Dad’s old Linear that had a dead muffler lmao

    Alex Saab

    I can't let my 9-3 sit for more than 2 weeks without it bitching at me when I drive it again

    Andrew Penman

    Great video again awesome, just be careful of the ECU on that Saab (pretty sure it’s in the same place as mine on the manifold intake) because the models from 2003 to 2011 of the SS engine type are simply “no longer available” once the ECU goes you might as well throw the car away you can’t get them anywhere in the world…. I do have a protective fix an “ Insulator heat and damper protection kit” I’ve reviewed on my YouTube channel check it out leave link below…. keep up the great work 👌cheers Andrew ⚔️

    Saab 93 ECU Heat Insulator Kit – Urgent Mod Requirement- First Look & Full Install -Andrew Penman


    Why stop asking…. We subscribe we support… We should know…. Mmmm. Click bait

    Selvin Calix

    Why was it sitting for 2 years?

    Santiago Rocha

    Man if you are going to not tell us what happened with it to be missing for 2 years you can start taking it with humor and giving evasive answers like saying it went on a 2 year cruise or that it went to jail or that it escaped to the mountains with its girlfriend or something.

    Derpy Neon Turtle

    I don’t know how you haven’t got more subs your videos are entertaining educational and just plain awesome


    People wanna know just tell them. You rely on viewers for your channel so give them what they want.

    Un- Known

    Omg just realised your reg plate that's why I carnt buy it Haha realy, yesterday I tried getting exact same, nice vide thanks

    C Hancock

    What?! A 9-3 with functioning windshield wipers?!!


    7:38 GF alert! 😀


    Are you planning to fix the big dent on the rear door


    You kinda sort of forgot to remove all the swirls like on the turbo x 😤 lmao it defiantly needed that wash … may I ask what happened to that cover for the tow hook

    Michael Coffey

    Nice 😀

    Jesus Montano

    What kind of rims are those 🔥

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