Thursday, March 23, 2023

First Test Drive of the LS Swapped Manual Huracan!!

Main First Test Drive of the LS Swapped Manual Huracan!!

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    In today’s episode were poppin the clutch on the world’s first stick shift huracan. Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: …

    B is for Build

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    Robert Romero

    Im no body work expert, but sanding with and exposed engine bay and turbos with no bags?

    peter miazga

    Videos are boring

    Dr Strange

    i genuinely don't understand the reason for this unless it's built for drifting.

    Marvin De Bot

    Mate where are the caps that came on those turbos? Why take the risk of dropping something into one?

    ham timestretch


    Fuck Off

    The only YouTuber project car on schedule for sema, rob dahm is rolling in his four rotor shaped grave.

    Jack Daniel

    It sounds like Leroy the Savage.

    Brandon Hawkins

    If you wanna win, bring your Oscar.

    Sebastian Duarte

    Hey that’s not what lambos sound like 🤭

    Sebastian Duarte

    Can you sell me ur stock wheels 🌚😬

    Peter Parker


    Rob V

    Lol the comments about not covering the engine. Gotta love the internet. See lots of comments about it, and you just gotta add on.

    Good Samaritan

    These videos are a head ache

    Allan French

    I think the Astin Martin is the best car you've built to date, of course, I want an update on it. If you're gonna get rid of the wing, please replace it with something really heavy duty. That car deserves a big wing ! Especially with such an aggressive front splitter.

    Tom Rockstroh

    Why promote such a shit game that you don’t even play

    Mirza Belal

    From an Italian masterpiece to a piece of junk. Interesting

    Tim Welsh

    I can feel the Lamborghini designers ripping their hair out about this concept

    Robert Martinez

    I worked body…when u do a roof 25 times like they did tells me they not to good at body work

    trucker 5167

    LS stands for loose shit ..🤣🤣

    Ryan Persaud

    Just out of curiosity why the choice between square tubing vs round?

    Josh Gray

    How yal have the money to do all this rediculous shit. Kinda nuts if you ask me. But smartest decision was puttin that gm heart in there

    Rui Pires

    Why on Earth would you do this??It sounds like shit,looks like shit.

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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