Thursday, March 23, 2023

Fitting Eleanor Fender Flares and Side Skirts on the 2015 Mustang GT – Eleanor Fastback Conversion

Main Fitting Eleanor Fender Flares and Side Skirts on the 2015 Mustang GT – Eleanor Fastback Conversion

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    In today’s episode were test fitting the wide body fender flares and finally dealing with the pesky rocker panel on the 2015 mustang, trimming it down and coming …

    Laurens Somers

    I really wonder how you are going to prevent corrosion from happening in all the spots and places you welded and grinded that have become inaccessible 🤔 apart from that, love to see the build progress!

    Darren Trueman

    Just a thought if you cut the side skirt in half lengthways had 1 inch glass fibre would make the side that bit taller to hide the rail

    Stephen Burke

    How are you gonna do maintenance if the front bumper is glassed to the fender and the fender is glassed to the rocker?

    wakar jaffri

    If you look closely at 0:00 the video starts


    the 71 Mach 1 is my favorite mustang and built my one truck from a ford Van

    Alex K

    If yoll wanna see real builds, go subscribe to Vtuned and AlexRebuilds … none of this halfarsed hack jobs.


    Would it be posible to cut and rebuild the frame rail at an angle so that it make it sink futher and make it less visible?

    Shadowspeed X

    Fabricate wider side skirts 🤔

    Fords4life 91

    Are u actually gonna do the side exit exhaust?👀


    A B is for build without wide body? Oh, never mind….emulate… gagness..

    Justin Valdes

    What happend to the boat you bought?

    Mirin GTR

    he talks too much

    jeff luikes

    What you need is one of those pimp my ride light strips along the bottom pinch weld.

    Randall Wyatt

    You stole someone else idea

    Papa Rich

    I know it's to late without doing a ton of extra work but you could have piggybacked the frame rail inside of the car 2 and a half inches then removed the same from the bottom of the chassis frame rail and plate the bottom half with a length of steel flat bar..We used to channel our old cars this way and worked out great everytime.. Car is looking great , would love to do a build with Oscar..

    Papa Rich

    Why not split the side skirt length wise and add the inch to the middle to keep a cleaner look?🤷‍♂️ Just a thought..


    just build new skirts

    SMP Videos

    I know u won’t read this… but this mustang build is rushed and not enjoyable like the Lamborghini build. That build had suspense…. this build is boring.

    TK Kennedy

    May have been cheaper to put the motor in a old car! Not a old car around the motor


    Maybe do those push to open hood pins in back painted body color to hide them

    Zoltan Csillag

    what happened to your boat?

    Bailey Simon

    He’s doing it!!!! I was just thinking about him talking about this build a couple years ago and now it’s happening!!!


    Nice Job Oscar & Chris-Looking Mighty Fine !!!!

    BeagleBrains 1

    M is for moron.

    The Mayor

    I think y'all should have tried building your own Eleanor style body kit ,or at least your own side skirt.

    Clarence Jacobs

    Covid 19 mustang sweet

    jonathan varela

    If only I had a dollar for every time they say inch during this build


    all these body panels that DONT FIT. Wound't it be simpler to just build new ones from fiberglass?

    miguel raigoza

    Whats with all the heavy breathing

    Phil Janeiro

    It's a crazy idea..but what about side pipes…somebody commented on that already . they are bigger..and you know that grille on the side pipe could be fab larger to hide more whats behind and then painted black..its worth a try…

    Dan Theman

    I can’t wait to purchase your t shirt

    David Duncan

    Who owns this car when done

    jurian kwist

    you should fabricate something that protects the water canals from being stuffed with leafs


    So sick bro. You Rock

    Jonny Kauai

    U should use vanta black to hide the bottom ?!

    Bryant Thombs

    it's looking good.

    Elijah Campbell

    Split the skirt down the middle and do some fiberglass to stretch it to the width that looks good

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