Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Fixing the Abandoned Shop at our New Headquarters!

Main Fixing the Abandoned Shop at our New Headquarters!

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    Our new headquarters needs WORK! We believe this old 20×20 cinderblock garage was built sometime in the 1970s (or earlier), and hasn’t been taken care of …

    gizmo Crum

    How bad ass would that rail dragster be with the 900 cc Ducati engine on it. Wow

    Adam Brown

    I miss the sound of Leroy in the background. You guys need to get some chickens for the homestead.

    Lost Skills Podcast

    More shop videos please!!



    nty grty

    so your pops got tired of all the destruction to his property? It is really time to respect your elders.

    Zach Jones

    That's asbestos siding dont drill or grind into it

    Dollene McDougald

    hay love the vid this should be the cars and cameras off road grand prix cant wait for the offishel and i dont know how to spell well even though in advanced classes but the offishle grand prix that the race carts can go on

    One-Eye Jawa

    Little engineering advice. Don't brace that wall like you were saying. That brick will not handle any tension and you will end up pulling the other bricks apart. Best way is to dig some holes on that low side of the foundation and buy some cheap bottle jacks from harbor freight. Pour a small concrete pad with sac crete and use the bottle jacks to lift that corner. then fill in the hole with concrete leaving the bottle jack in place. if you do this all along that low side, maybe three total from the looks of it, the foundation will be fixed. Thanks and Gig'm

    WTF To Late!

    Stop cobbling stuff together… Do it right the first time.

    Ben Soykan

    The wheel barrow would make an awesome boat go kart or whatever there called

    Taylor McCarthy



    Is this building "grandfathered" in a way that makes it better to fix than replace? My experience in the construction business usually proves that it's cheaper to knock the whole thing down and start over.

    Joe Corrao

    I have a fuel problem I'd like to ask yall about. If you get just a few minutes to email me, I'd really appreciate it. Powerhousefighting@gmail.com

    It's about a predator 212cc


    more videos of upgrading that shop!


    And im hooked, can't wait for more

    tony prano

    Seperate pacs are called bundels,and 3 bundels make a square.

    Robert Belote
    Robert Belote

    PLEASE READ ! Hey so there is a channel out there called BBstar talking about cars and cameras financial situation with youtube , thought you should know .


    Hell yes, more HQ upgrading videos!

    Kenneth Pratt

    are you going to bring a go kart to the gambler?


    By the looks of it, that block wall isn't dropping so much as the roots from those three trees are pushing it up in that one spot. Bet you cut those roots out and the cracks will begin to close up.

    Brian Sirtak

    John id take longer videos for the building build. On that gap on the door take a 2x and rip it down to the width you need to take up that gap, wont make it air tight but it should stop some wind.


    Just saying 2 2×6 is stronger than 1 4×6

    mm 2018


    Dustin Gephart

    I learn alot front u guys in last few months keep up the good work have you guys ever thought about a giving away something you guys built


    Excellent! MORE!

    Caiden Lay

    Boys just tear her down and buy i new way better building that’s just gonna be a lost cost

    John Descoteaux

    can't wait to see it done


    Pretty neat old building! Isaac, instead of bracing that wall, consider having someone come and inject grout underneath that portion of the wall foundation and bring it back up. Quick and simple, and a permanent repair. Should not be too expensive either. Maybe you could get a price reduction (or free) if you feature them on an episode?


    Jack a slab


    Tou need to get a concrete pump company to pump the floor yp hydraulically

    David Skowronski

    You're welcome, yeah I'm one of the new ones you mentioned. For my support I would like to say that I have experience setting up a new place a lot of times. I know people that started to drink too much when they retired and they were never the same but not me, I was drinking so much when I was young that if I didn't stop I would never be the same😒. DO NOT TAKE SHORTCUTS! Don't make quick decisions and pull in people to make the property pop quicker, slow down and relax and think of the future of the property and everybody that comes on it will always know where it is and hundreds of different other things I can think of that I've always done wrong that I'll never do wrong again. So here's how it's going to go, as I follow your channel I'm going to become a judge and if I'm disappointed and find out you guys are cold hearted and Reckless I will unsubscribe quietly. Oh I almost forgot, I'm only going to say this once I was rear-ended buy a 19 year old texting and driving with no insurance and I may never get a good night's sleep again because of my neck joint so please don't text and drive! Thanks for your great videos

    Riccardo Ghinassi

    Where you buy the engines?

    John Harlan

    Cut the shingles from the bottom or use a hook blade.


    congrads guys, well deserved,

    Micah Vogel

    I'm so pumped for you guys!!!

    David Broad

    Please more videos.

    AlrezGarage 904

    dear carsandCameras please bring back the 60s mini mower and make it fast pulley swap

    Tony Monsantoe

    yeah i wanna see more of the upgrades.

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