Thursday, March 23, 2023

Flying 700 Miles and Buying a Car we’ve Never seen!

Main Flying 700 Miles and Buying a Car we’ve Never seen!

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    Hunt&Co Summer Collection drops this friday 9am PST at ! You can subscribe to my channel for new videos, builds of my …


    Going Stagnant is never good for any creator. It's good to see a change in the video style.


    Dude I love how creative you got with the b roll and everything in this video.

    Nestor Macias

    Dope vid! Jumba congrats my dude! She’s a beaut!


    Plot twist. Water leaks* (car looks amazing, congrats)


    The coldest winter I’ve experience was a summer in San Francisco

    Infinity Fade

    He said highest spec but it’s not m sport and has silver lined window frames. But still well done

    David Rolland

    Nice new vibe In this video!!! 👌

    Infinity Fade

    Really liked the editing on the

    Garrett Thomson

    Just amazing

    Infinity Fade

    The intro was really cool👏👏

    Ryan Nelson

    This is one of the best episodes I think I've ever seen!


    Love this, I flipped a black on black 335i earlier this year, bought it for 2500 at 195k and drove it for 3 months 12k and sold it for 6k at 207k I have another one I'm about to do the same with

    Edit: this is all in Canadian dollars and kilometers


    TJ lookin like a whole ass dictionary right now


    $8500 124000 miles. Ooooffff UK has it LUCKYYYYY in comparison


    Love from italy

    david villarreal

    I have some bc coilovers That are brand new if kev needs some for the low

    Brandon Dunn

    So looking forward to this build, I have an e92 335i aswell (msport though)

    Colin Murray

    i like the way you produced this one! Nice touch with the dictionary definitions!


    love the intro. I already liked the video before I complete watching it.


    i really like this style of video tbh

    Akeem Blades

    Didn’t expect today’s video to be sponsored by oxford


    I had to double check i was watching tj hunt LOL
    Damm that intro is just👌🔥🔥

    Sergi Plans

    Kevin just bought my dream car, and it's amazing how in the U.S the 335i are around 10.000 dollars and in Europe for 20.000 euros 🙁

    Jai Hickson

    Sick edit

    Andrew Saltonstall

    This video was awesome!! Loved the commentary, drone views, the full house, and the new whip. Good job Kevin 🤘

    Cocoy Rivera

    i love the content of this video. B-rolls are chill the drone shots was cool. keep it up teej!


    Congratulations Kevin!!!!!!!!!!

Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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