Tuesday, March 28, 2023

FOR THE HATERS!! Tuning The Miata & SMASHING The Acceleration Records! [0-60mph | 100-200kph] Part 2

Main FOR THE HATERS!! Tuning The Miata & SMASHING The Acceleration Records! [0-60mph | 100-200kph] Part 2

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    The Miata is ripping harder than ever!! NEW Decals: Dragy/Previous Acceleration Runs: …


    For those who missed the decals – I am ordering another batch. I said I wouldn't, but I also did not think they would sell out in 3 hours. So for anyone who missed out, I will post on my IG and in the following video as soon as I have them in stock again!


    6.7 is the same as an Enzo…

    frederick tremblay

    Dont listen to these junk they su**

    Steven Madrid

    One of the most amazing miatas out there right now and also one of the best Miata mekanik channels out there has helped me pretty much do everything in my Miata

    Armando Trujillo

    My goal is to make my na this legit some day

    Mark V

    Wait how’re you only at 100k…. you deserve more than this honestly!

    Daniel gonzalez

    That’s great dude. Great work my dude!!


    I love you, Craig Patterson, even at 20% throttle.


    Congrats on the new PBs


    Umm.. Time for NOS?!


    I've been watching since u first put a turbo on the broke and boosted mx5 when you were only running the 4psi Saab spring. All way love watch this channel

    Gonzalo Castillo

    crazy fast


    I think mine will do 0-60…. yea.. I think it will do 60 lol . Still a NA8 stock motor so yea. Follow me on RH2RACING on youtube and see if I can beat him after the turbo. (He's really fast)

    Wyman L

    Nice setup!! What kind of app you use to control/change setting on your MS3pro? Looks like Tuner-studio to me, but it’s on a tablet (I use Shadow on a Samsung tablet)

    calculated cruelty

    That 1-2 skurt tho

    Willem Van Houten

    When are you gonna try to race a hellcat?

    Ricky Nelson

    That decal isn't your car, the front lip is intact 🤔

    Aristotle Allen

    Very nice man.


    These numbers are insane😍 Quarter Mile PLEASE

    Chris Rowe

    Hey man. I suppose this is my fault for not offering before but I can also do custom artwork and printing for your channel as well. I am the guy who submitted that black and white technical cutaway drawing you used in a video outro a while back. Hit me up if I can help you out with any logo design, artwork, or printing (posters stickers etc). That vinyl on your current decals looks to be Oracal 3621 removable calendared vinyl with grey adhesive. So I can totally match that quality.

    Shane Bruneau

    This guy practically has his own private drag strip.

    Matt Krazit

    All the do-overs, transmission swaps, frustrations, hair loss…some great results here. Hard work pays off!
    Oh, and dig the new intro. 👍 Fresh and clean.

    Daf Tsakos

    Bro so much nice work on this car i love it ! I want the decal but its out of stock from the first day? Any way im from far away 🙁 keep on work i ll stay with out decal just watching…

    Automotive Troll

    Oh man this makes me miss my NA!

    Richard R

    I still don't know why you don't have like 1M subs already. The quality and effort you put in these videos is top notch. So glad you've made it to 100K!


    Bruh u gotta stop teasing us NC owners. Pls. We need some videos relevant to our cars too. Also you've got way bigger balls than I do to build your car for years and just keep raising that revlimiter for internet cred. You gotta get adam at revlimiter to make you a new tach gauge with an 8k redline.

    Taylor Bynam

    Appreciate the videos! 😀


    Can’t wait for the NC 2.5L swap build. Love your videos!

    Doug’s Fan

    Congrats on amazing numbers! Sad that decals sold out

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