Saturday, March 25, 2023



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    Stang It Up

    You’re right, GT350 is the best looking mustang. I find myself in the garage just gazing at it sometimes lol

    William De La Pena

    i love it😋

    yucheng cui

    Hi bro, is that worth to buy2009 Nissan GT-R (17000km) with $45000

    Bunmee Vang

    I just bought a 2019 GT this weekend and it’s all cause I been watching too much of your videos lol.

    XO Gold J.G.S.

    cavallo point!

    if you want a curvy road near where you're at, try shoreline highway (highway 1)… the exit is a few miles north of where you're at along the 101.

    Dennis Brown

    Had nothing to do with a gt500. Just your vacation


    Oh, you're in the Presidio. I live in San Francisco. Welcome and enjoy the good weather we have here right now.

    Big OIS

    I thought you were a Vette Man these days? No?

    L Coleman Jr

    That’s Awesome Bro, Enjoy!

    JM Mustangs

    Hi roller still unsubscribed when you ordered vette


    Waiting for the eco hp video, don’t forget what started it all!

    Jerry Cordova

    I assume there is a media embargo by Ford and can't post anything yet…..I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for a video!!

    Racing Fox

    Look at you RockStar! Congrats man! It’s been a long road and hard work and it’s paying off, Your becoming a fan favourite not sure why wink wink!, Ok time to drag race golf carts!, VIP room nice and of course 75,000 subscribers helps!, People must be board LoL, Shelby? What colour decisions decisions hahahahaha, Tour with the family….are the helmets in the trunk? Lol, Remember you scratch it you bought it lol 😎🏁

    Bruce Steiner

    Stang mode should represent us all as a consultant to Ford and the decision makers in what direction Ford need to improve in their performance cars. For example a light weight, high powered corvette priced killer.


    Man, I really love seeing this shit pan out for you! Even more I really enjoy how much your family is apart of your passion for cars! Much blessings to you and yours fam!!!!

    Hemi Challenger

    Been a minute since I watched a video of yours. Nice to see the family. Hope you and yours are all well!

    The 570 Experience

    We need to do a collab brother…I've just bought a car you might want to see…my channel email is my about section

    Danielle Driscoll

    Glad Ford recognizes the influence you have with our Stang community. That you recognize the support your Stangmode Family (Mrs & Jr) provide you, in order to make this channel so fun.

    Enjoy my hometown’s hospitality. Can’t wait to see all these great new Mustangs on THE STREETS of SAN FRANCISCO! The hills here make or break a car in my eyes.


    Well it’s good for you the way Ford is treating you but what about the rest of us?? Ford could make enough 2020 GT500’s so we could by one at MSRP but they are purposely creating a shortage so the public gets screwed! Dodge is offering 10$ per HP on 797HP hemi’s and you can by a mid engine vette for 60k. Ford needs to get its corporate head out of its corporate ass!

    North Valley Locksmith

    WOW! So Cool!

    Bryant Roscoe

    I love your content bro and you have a beautiful family. I think you should buy a panther platform car coughcough Vic, and build it up as well and that can haul the family around very comfortably. You can pic up a good one dirt cheap bro. I want to build mine up to be a sleeper than can hang with Hellcats. #GrindNeverEnds


    Should I save for a c6 vette mustang or a f350 witch one


    Those boatlovers be like no it's a trash stang but yhea how does a boat go over 100

    Leon Cope

    Thank god for awesome people like you love your channel ,, I hope you all had or are having a blast out in warm California ,, I like it out there as well ,, I’m OTR driver ,, but wish I could drive a couple of those mustangs ,, ,, I’m happy driving my 2019 GT ,, have fun thanks for keeping it real

    Silent but Deadly

    Only people with money get to drive these cars… fucked up

    Bundy 4Prez

    San Francisco?
    Careful you don't step on any human feces.

    2AM, BABY!!

    Tell Ford to make you their PR guy

    Fury 550

    Enjoy and live the dream !! Always great content

    William Falcon

    Ford don't want you to buy the chevy
    And turn CHEVYMODE.

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