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Forgotten Classic Dodge Models Which You Never Seen

Main Forgotten Classic Dodge Models Which You Never Seen

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    This video features 10 Forgotten Classic GT Cars You’ve Never Seen. If you wanna see 10 Forgotten Classic GT Cars You’ve Never Seen watch this video and …


    Well, that was 6 minutes of my life I wont get back.

    Jason Madden

    Seen most of them except the Dodge Lancer.


    That St. Regis kind of resembles the Chevy caprice or Impala, that on which I Never knew. lol


    My extended family has owned most of these models so I’ve had the fun of not only seeing these classics but riding in and even driving some of them! The Magnum – that was my mother’s car in the early 80’s. used it for my road test for my drivers licence!


    You left out the classiest Dodge of this era; the 1980 – 1983 MIRADA. Available with either the 3.7 "slant six at 145 HP or the 318 V8 at 230 HP. And another thing, is your ratings based on the decibel number and the amount of smoke in a given time period?


    Great Video!!!

    Ewie M

    7.2 liters? C'mon man, use real numbers. It's a 440.

    John Collins

    A good video. The Dodge St. Regis was actually the last patrol car my dad drove before he retired from the Hendersonville, NC Police Dept.


    the first invented computer shifted trans axle (L606 ) still in service . "no hydraulic valve body . no bands either . every one else copied .


    Dodge magnum XE –first full lock up torque converter with 3 forward speeds . WAY before any one else .

    Phoenix RC Crawler

    I remember most of these cars. I think that might be telling my age.

    Michael Coffey

    Nice 😀

    Robert Payne

    The Matador & Lancer are some old classic. I seen most of these cars before growing up lol, good video


    aand the expected cars were:
    Dodge Aspen R/T
    Dodge Challenger (the cordoba platform one in the 1980's)
    Dodge Omni
    Some k-car platform, rebatched as plymouth like the omni
    thats it xd


    Nice premier 😀
    Really enjoyed it
    I live in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) so i miss most of your premiers

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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