Monday, March 27, 2023

Freedom 500 – In Car Best Moments!

Main Freedom 500 – In Car Best Moments!

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    So honored to be a part of the world’s first Freedom 500! Cleetus is a madman and I have the utmost respect for him putting this together! Catch the full stream …

    Jack Sandberg

    Ole' Cleet definitely spun you out to make you start driving more aggressive lmao

    This Lyfe

    The most epic ending to a race.haha. So awesome!


    What if the next Freedom 500 was a craigslist challenge?? πŸ‘€


    "I didnt talk because I wanted to show I lifted"

    car nudges rear, throttle blips, car spins

    Yeah totally didnt spin him. Just own it, heat of the moment, Id probably do the same thing, I just wouldnt try to hide it lol


    Punt pls


    11:17 bruh fucking joe exotic on the back of the car.


    Was rooting for ya guy. Shoulda done the pit maneuver last lap. Woulda been amazing


    Shave that thing

    Raymond La

    Congrats on 2nd! Heck of a race! Looked like it a heck of a lot of fun!

    Skeeter McSwagger

    I know how you feel brother the butterflies, the iron gut,and can't piss to save your life(until its over,then you RUN to the PP🚽🧻🚾)and the 1st couple laps are almost agonizing but when you get in your groove it's nothing but fun and games from there!!!

    Just subbed!!! Great job,great video, great finish!!!!!πŸš“πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ¦…

    todd farren

    kind of a dick move if cleetus hasnt posted who won yet and you do before him thats not cool


    Last to second ain’t shabby man! That looked fun as hell!!!!

    Connor Lee Duckworth


    Really BadAim

    Absolutely awesome to see this.

    Ethan Christman

    those last two laps were insane

    TJ Forehand

    It was fun to watch! I was rootin' for you! Glad you placed well!


    I was rootin for ya! I had my money on you the whole time!

    Bob Builder

    your driving was really decent

    El Erick

    I really miss bmx videos

    Parenting from a 70’s born Dad. it’s just Dad.

    Mullets unite!!!

    Cody Smith

    I see prime inc




    Great race.. ending was epic

    gbo o

    No doubt that wing helped.watching other in car footage they seem to have more tire sqeal.

    Jeremiah Truman

    Your footage was way more exiting than live! Love the in car views!! Should have just pitted him around the last turn! Lol #elzedforthewin

    Lil Cups

    yo drive that thing in deeper!!!

    Cloud Ryse

    Dead last to 2nd what a beast

    Austin Has fun


    user123 user421

    We all know where your soul is with those hand gestures……get as many in as you can wave to your masters

    Montreal Green

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    SQ Motorsports

    The El Zed livery was awesome. πŸ’―πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🧨

    Justin Kelly

    Is that really how the livestream looked? That was awful to watch.

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