Friday, March 24, 2023

Freshly rebuilt engine goes back into our Ford Model A | Redline Update #22

Main Freshly rebuilt engine goes back into our Ford Model A | Redline Update #22

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    We did it! The engine is rebuilt and today it goes back into our “Swap to Street” 1930 Ford Model A. After the engine goes in, Davin gets to work buttoning up …


    The FULL Redline Rebuild time-lapse edit is here! Watch it now:

    LDN Wholesale

    I bet Ford did not tow start the things off the line,, and they had the timing set properly as well!

    David MO

    Can't be that easy….. To finish watching a video? I mean I'm just sitting on my couch.

    S Lit

    Why don't you Just hook the Strap to a Head Light instead of that Thin Ass Bumper ????

    Lawrence Lentini

    Why would you let a freshly rebuilt engine keep popping and backfiring when there's clearly a problem?

    자동차의 모든 것[ Car & Man ]

    I run the car maintenance Youtube channel in Korea. I'm always learning such a great ideas on your channel. I hope we have a chance to be together. Thank you.

    Michael Peterson

    Last time I watch this guys videos ever not going to be doing the click baiting tune in next time BS …


    Convert it to electric

    Brains Ironically

    Cool vid, could have done without the ridiculous music.


    All this glitzy presentation and yet you cant set basic timing.. you best look for a new career

    Carter Bane

    I thought this guy was Zack Snyder


    You guys really keep motivating me to get my ass up and continue to work on my '69 cadillac I just bougt about 7 or 8 weeks ago. I'm a harley mechanic at a official dealership here in germany but this car is a new challenge for me because I'm learning by doing 😀 keep up the good work !

    Lawrence Carpenter

    I like how the heat in vehicle works.Comes right off the exhaust manafold.Ingenious.

    NZ Salt Flats Racer

    An easy way to set base timing. TDC the engine firing #1, turn the distributor in the opposite direction to rotation until the points just open with the rotor in the #1 position. Lock it down & you have a few degrees of advance.

    blkft1 234

    Today IS the DAY.

    Gplus sucks big

    Someone was asking for an address or company in USA to have the inside of headlight lenses resilvered. I have two contacts in Germany who do this sort of work but none in the US of A. Hagerty you know someone?

    E. Asinus

    What did you use in place of 600w in the transmission?

    Ragimund VonWallat

    this is a powerhouse! the best 1927 engine tech had to offer. hard to beleive that such a small peice of metal contain the power of 50 furious horses, yes ladies and gentlemen you heard rigth, the power of 50 horses. say welcome to modernity

    John Falkenstine

    I don’t think ford started their model A’s at the factory by towing.

    Jeff Husketh

    Love this channel

    Joe Fro

    Are the spark plug wires seriously copper strips? What kind of mad man came up with that idea

    Łukasz Gawłowski

    you can fire it
    Greetings from Poland

     Poznaj wymowę

    Yan Garcia

    Me realising that the former mayor of Radiator Springs wife was a freaking Ford Model A

    greg h

    seeing this is 2019 i'm surprised nobody called the cops thinking it was an active shooter out in the parking lot

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