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Garage Door Size How Big How Tall Do I Need

Main Garage Door Size How Big How Tall Do I Need

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    Share this video. Building a garage entails a lot of decisions. Like what kind of door? How tall should it be? And how wide should I make it? SIZE MATTERS!


    On my shop, I put in a 14' wide and 9' tall roll up door. It trimmed out slightly less.


    Great information on door openings! I have the typical 4 panel high, 17' wide door and my garage is only 18' square. I didn't think anything of it when building my home in 1999, surprise! I can barely fit my 67 Impala 2 door in there, as close to the left wall as I possibly can at a very slight angle, and then the slight point of the front bumper has to be against the sheetrock. Anything less, and the hinge of the garage door catches the bumper. If the car rolls back even slightly when putting it in park (THM400), I have to move it back and forth until it's parked against the wall. I can fit my 93 Astro (shorty) in there with it fine. However, I'd love to get a newer model Chevy Express 12 passenger. Not even a chance on the height or length, so that bums me out. My neighbors, whose house was finished a few months after mine, went all out. The roof part of the garage (bedrooms above the garage in both) of their home sticks out about 8 feet more than mine, and they located the home a little further back on the lot. Then they modified the plans to take up half of their family room to further extend the garage. But, it is pretty impressive that they manage to back up their (2) Ford F350 4 door cab, long bed trucks into their garage with the same size door as mine. It seems to take forever watching those huge trucks literally getting sucked into the house. Yeah, I'd change things if I could, but at this point in my life I feel very, very grateful to even have my home, so I have to keep reminding myself that tiny garage is just fine. But for all your work Brian, that's awesome you got to change these things. I do love the locking mechanism you have on the door. I do have a regular old fashioned slide lock mechanism that serves the same function, but I have to go through the house to manually lock it, but it's nice to have when I'll be away overnight.

    david price

    Nice, dogs man, when you've found yoir forever home, and got a shop that you could work on a tractor trailer if you wanted. This must have been a nightmare to get permits for.

    Josh Benney

    Brian, thanks for sharing this awesome info. Now you've helped me to decide on size on my shop build.

    So it looks complete, but when will you start move in and do some work away from the garage you've been in many videos…..?

    Chris N

    Is this really the first we are seeing of your shop construction in months? I hope there is a build series ready to be released soon!

    Geo Thomas

    I guess you never got the memo, size doesn't matter.

    Jerry Polk

    A little late but thanks for the decal..


    I envy guys with big garages, just like I envy guys with big boats. One sailor told me, never buy a boat that is bigger than you need, since maintenance and depreciation cost goes up by the square of boat length. Regarding garages, my limiting factor is how high I can lift a vehicle after I get it inside. With the door open, the overhead door of a private home garage makes a real vehicle lift practically impossible, the open door dramatically lowers ceiling height. So, the critical functional measurement is how much room you have overhead with the garage door rolled open. In your case, it is so amazingly big you can drive deeper, past the point where the open door restricts clearance. Congrats!

    bob gwinn



    Good video. One an unrelated note, do you have a brother perhaps that looks and sounds a fair bit like you? Works for a software company?

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Good video Brian very informative

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Always better to go bigger then need the space and you didnt build for it

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Looks just like my excursion my mirrors are chrome though same steps same color mine is black also

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Nice excursion in the thumbnail


    Build another building! It was so fun to build!!!! Let's do it again!


    It was already there when I bought the house – but both my garage doors are 10' wide. Got a Sierra with trailer mirrors? You have ~1" clearance on each side. :O

    Election Bot

    Never partially open a garage door someone will find a way to drive into it, A former boss taught me this and I have seen it happen with trucks. He would yell at us when we opened the doors all or nothing think light switch!

    george bonney90

    I gotta small shop going up in November, it'll be so nice to have my own garage space,thank u for the info sir👍


    You need 13 ft 6 inch as it is the maximun roadworthy height. I prefer 16 ft just in case

    Aris Torm

    GOLDEN RULE – build and pay it up front to begin with. It cost 3 times as much money as the COST to buy what you need then LABOR if you need it.


    Excellent video.
    I want to change the door in my shop, all I need is the funds.
    Got that Italian disease.
    Now where is that lottery ticket?


    My door is just on 6ft or so, because I could only fit the door motor kit to reach so far, limited space in the garage. Disconnect it will do a bit more, but the rail length and motor limits it, despite me making a set of gears to allow the motor and chain drive to be at right angles to the door, and adding an extra metre of chain.

    With the BFATE I once was doing that, except was hanging out of a helicopter, and looking up at the sea instead…


    I'm excited for you Brian. A new space is going to be fantastic. Guess where I went before building my garage? That's right, YouTube. But as you mentioned, going with bigger doors meant a taller building and that wasn't possible. However, I have been able to fit everything inside except my RV (which as been sold). The biggest thing I learned about building a garage is go as big as you can afford. With size brings options. 🙂


    Wait….Was that an airplane wing going by your garage door? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 How tall in that building!!? I would love to put a building on the property. Not that large though. Nice!


    Reminded me. As a kid (c.early 70's) I worked at a very busy major department store 'full service'[1] auto center. The shop had wide, but not tall roll up doors at each end.[2] One day a tow truck driver delivered something heavy, and failed to lower the boom of his truck before leaving… it made a hell of a noise hitting that door… and right in front of a crowd of waiting customers. It took about a week to get a replacement door installed, and as there was no way to otherwise secure the shop, someone had to stay every night till it was done.[3]
    [1] Short of body work, it was full service in those days… and boy could I tell horror stories of the disasters that originated in that place…
    [2] A fantastic breeze blew through the place if both were open!
    [3] Probably 40 tool boxes & shop equip; plus the show room, garden center and entire stock of parts, tires, batteries, mufflers etc were all left fully exposed. Yep, a colossal pita.

    disabled submarine vet

    how much did it cost total


    always bonus footage ! gotta watch it…damn town giving me a hard time since I filled in my backyard with more half assery and did not compact…onward

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