Thursday, March 23, 2023

Getting The Blue Hatch Ready For a 9 Second Pass!

Main Getting The Blue Hatch Ready For a 9 Second Pass!

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    Jeff Speer

    You need to Suicide the back doors and it old school ride and for the love of God put the correct engine in it get an engine that came from that manufacture do not be a moron and a hack

    Science of Speed

    I Love the Blue Hatch!! Looks like it has a Sheepey Intercooler?

    Brad Spalding

    Emilio…..does your brother live in town n country/carrolwood? Im 80% sure I know where those houses are lol I live right by there if I'm correct


    Just finished watching ALL of your videos ! I love this channel and greetings from Romania ! I wish I was closer to you guys ;3; keep up the good work

    Zach Trimble

    Where you guys at import face off ?


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    Jim M 75

    Great upload, love the change of pace when Emilio is filming / in control.
    That car is one BMF Ricky, respect brothers.

    Stephanie Baumgartner

    Hiiiii Emilio!! 😊

    Austin Norflet

    amelio playing with his black cock in the back yard

    Nate Lamore

    Come to Ohio in April to import face off

    Joseph Clardy

    Haha it sounds like the golf cart in the back ground at 9:00 is rippin!!

    Robin Bond

    What cams and what turbo size does this blue civic have? Do a specs list, very nice car!

    Old Car Alley

    I like that 68 Ford LTD! What are you going to do with it?

    300ex_ Rider2001

    hey kyle this is random but i really wish you’d do a build review of your hatch!! i think you did it in the past but it’d take forever to go back through and find it. i’m building an h22 swapped ek hatch and would like to know your build


    Come to the Car event at Titan Motorsports this sat in orlando fl 🙂

    kevin hawley

    damn and i thought i was the only one with a attack rooster

    James 45.

    That PFI speed sticker tho, easily adds 30hp😂

    john c

    holding the camera does not constitute of you helping.

    Edwin Rivera

    Happy birthday Emilio


    hatch looking nice! time to buy some baby-earprotection for the latest boostedboi

    Michael Latham

    Yo go check out Sammit. Give you guys a shout on his review of a cool civic in Australia

    Brandon Deppert

    happy late birthday!!!!!!!

    Ale Go

    The reggaeton 😍 i love the boostedboiz even more now


    Here..ya boiz living it up .hell Ya that's what u call holly water ..

    R0wdy1 Media

    Y'all know where I can find a decent running Honda for around $1500 near Denver? I work un there, live in the Springs, and I need a Honda.

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)
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