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Getting the Most From Your Mazdaspeed Miata (Megasquirt Install)

Main Getting the Most From Your Mazdaspeed Miata (Megasquirt Install)

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    MSPro Basic Instructions: 01-05 Miata Installation Guide: …


    Great video again mate.

    Thinking Impaired

    Great video, your a good teacher. To bad it sucks to live in California.


    Don't you just hate agreeing to work on your friends car? But it ends up being you that does the whole project and it takes the whole day?


    How much tq before that msm tranny takes a dump?

    Msm or just turbo a nb?

    Guillermo Rodriguez

    What boost control solenoid do you suggest?

    Jeremie Evangelista

    I like this end credits scene 🙂

    Project Miranda

    if job is 1 hour, i find it good practice to times that by 5 and you will have a more accurate assumption! 10x if you have a rustyboi mazda like me


    Miatas 😂 it's like driving a vagina


    You are the luckiest guy when it comes to MS i swear lol. Every MS I have installed on a Miata with the base map would not start and required adjustments to the fuel map and cranking pulses to start. I was looking forward to seeing how you would tackle this issue as there isn't a good tutorial or video on how a person new to tuning would even get to the point where the car will run to set base timing. For anyone who is considering installing an MS just know that for some people the car will not start and you will likely need an extra day or two on top of the install to get it running.


    Is your friend swapping back to OEM ECU and injectors come inspection/ emission testing time? I want to turbo my NB1, but will probably end up going with a FM Voodoo kit so I don't have to mess with it too much for its yearly tests

    Carl Vanderlip

    Make sure it's easy to uninstall for when you have to get your smog check done ಠ_ಠ


    Very educational! Thanks MiataDad


    OEM does not have wideband, aftermarket is to be used.


    Moral of the story is start fresh with a 01-05 vvt. Any current turbo kit on the market is better than MSM oem. All said and done you'd still be saving money and have vvt.

    jono crutcher

    Thank you Greg Peter's, your attention to detail and persistence inspired me to build that Miata right, and it started yesterday!!


    Sheesh! Greg! You are The Wizard! Excellent stuff. I bet you have endless friends needing their Miatas tweaked! All the best, Rob

    jeffrey jones

    Finally a MSM video. Thanks greg


    So stoked you're back man

    Nebbia affaraccimiei

    14:45 I always thought the right most dent on the pulley was indicating TDC, so THAT is the one that should align to the 10 mark?

    Sayyed Davis

    Lots of people have told me that it’s safe and relatively risk free to bump up the ignition timing to 14 in a NA Miata. Is this true?

    117 Vlog

    Miata Dad improving one Miata at a time!! ✌️

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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