Thursday, March 23, 2023

Giving The Shop a Makeover!

Main Giving The Shop a Makeover!

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    Gods Left Nut

    Where’s Todd been ?he did work at the old shop if I’m not mistaken but I Haven’t seen him in the videos lately, I wanna see more of that orange crx, is he still apart of pfispeed/boosted boiz?

    Dylan Hathaway

    the ending hahahaha love pedro

    Trey baker

    Need some boosted boiz graffiti on the big wall !!!

    David Windsor

    Pedro the man. Good to see him back. Just need a car lift now.😉👍👍👍

    Cody G

    I Wanna see Pedro’s rc car or truck!!!!

    Honda BEAR

    Man really transformed that place good job!

    Honda BEAR

    I’d be carful with people sending food bc they can poison the food and stuff don’t drink drinks.

    Phil Brown

    Put the bbs style rims back on wago. And just cut your hood already and put that back on

    Wheelie Masta

    Dam all y’all smoking Kyle!

    Devin L

    Hawaiian food and snacks are the best!

    Esqueleto 134

    Damn Pedro was lit as fuck

    Waylon Richardson

    Vote for Pedro



    Christopher Tew

    Get wago some white oz rally wheels


    Ohh great another channel with mail time….. so exciting?

    Nick parsons

    Pedro struggling to stay awake and has a greasy grill fallin outta his mouth 😂 u find him under a bridge?

    kevin joseph

    Lets see Pedro's rcs


    Pedro high asf

    marcos can

    Would you sell that Nissan Maxima in the back? @4:27??

    Cal M

    Your cars all look like they need some love. Like Wago looks like he's been dragged from the scrapyard. Missing body parts, mirrors etc, full of dents and stuff.

    Jeffery Byrd

    The ending made the whole video, we know y'all got that gas up there 😤

    adam schaefer

    Watch out Pedro eating all those marshmallows you'll be farting rainbows!!!

    kian Shahriary

    Brents b day is the same as mine


    The shop is looking nice, you shoud find a graffiti artist to paint boosted boys on that wall.

    danny molina

    I love how pedro is smoking a Doobie at the end of the video……I'll take a dab to that!!!😁💪


    You guys are epic doing things that only people can dream of and inspiring people to actually try and do things with there lives to achieve goals and not to stop until it has been achieved .

    You guys have inspired me to help people out there too.

    Thanx guys keep it up 👌


    Pedroooo the homieee 🤙🏽💨💨

    Jenny Cruz

    Pedro blowing that fuego


    Pedro smoking on that Colorado kush


    Boost Pedro's paint gun!!!!

    Shaun PC

    It’s amazing how much a fresh coat of paint improves a workshop.
    Pedro always does you proud. 👍🏻

    Darren Daley

    Epoxy the floors next

    Quint Gardiner

    Nice work Pedro , when you gunna boost your civic Bud?

    Fleezus Christ

    The ending is me every time I watch a boostedboiz vid😂😭

    Derek M

    "I didn't even know they come in packs like that.." Kyle have you never seen a flat of beer? lol


    For the Love of god clean that interior on the wagon….

    Keegan Pock

    The end😂😂

    Mark Brueckner

    You should diamond grind then epoxy the floor before putting the lift(s) in.

    Jimmi Einarsson

    i just got an awful idéa send Licensplates on the Dyno :O :O

Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 (of 44 total)
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