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GMT400 Rear Disc Brake Conversion (Part 1) #ETCGDadsTruck

Main GMT400 Rear Disc Brake Conversion (Part 1) #ETCGDadsTruck

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    This is (Episode 7) of the #ETCGDadsTruck Series. Link to (Episode 6): GMT400 Rear Disc Brake Conversion (Part 2) …

    Tim Mullican

    It may be pricey , but when hauling firewood or a large trailer down a steep grade , rear disc conversions are priceless

    c r

    Feeding the comment machine…. πŸ”πŸ•‹

    george bonney90

    We're all just learning as we go, collecting knowledge along the way.thank u etcg

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Great job eric

    Groupwar NA

    I would not use these nylock nuts (nylon locking nuts) on a hot part like that, the nylon piece would melt in minutes and will cause the nut to back off.

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Nice conversion for the brakes


    Should've bought the little shop mfg kit

    billy greenhorn

    Nice entertainment vid Eric but waste of money. I've had my '92 for almost 20 years. The brakes aren't the best but I got used to them and never had any issues. Rear brakes only do a small amount of braking anyways. Upgrading the front rotors and calipers is all that's needed. Keep up the grrreat work bud !!


    Eric, on the bubble flare, I hope you used the flat side of the die on the flare tool and not the 45 side. It WILL leak if you didn't.

    Dark Coven

    Eric is a great son to do this., Eric is the Best.. I cannot wait to see video of Dad in this Truck…For you all who want to see Dad=

    Ryan McKee

    I’d be scared to death of work hardening those lines from bending them so much and then they snap or crack in spots. My luck. That truck is coming together nicely. Excellent work. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


    Your dad should be happy with that truck when your finished with it. My dad has had his truck for 49 years now.

    Nicholas Maietta

    This looks like a job I can do!


    Anytime I do a brake job I always have a bottle of water with a spray head nearby to neutralize the corrosive effect of the brake fluid.

    Rob S

    That conversion kit is a PITA! This is why:
    Bolts so long they protrude out the backside and forced you to cut them so emergency brake cable doesn't rub and become frayed.
    No shims for pads, will rattle and make noise.
    The hard brake lines were too long. Good thing you have a nice flare tool.
    They could've figured out a way to install a small bracket where the hard line connects to the hose.
    That's pretty lousy for an expensive, "custom" kit. You did a good job making it work

    Christian Guzman

    Was it worth it though?



    Jonatan Figueroa

    I think most people these days don’t know what they’re doing and just go with the flow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Andrew Spoerer

    this truck is gunna be sweet

    Silas Marner

    Pressure wash your vehicles several X during the winter…?? Does this help for rust / corrosion prevention?

    Silas Marner

    Cameraman Brian is doing a great job as are you.

    Dave Greaves

    My 99 gmc suburban is beyond scary brake wise…. and the brake system is in fine shape just not good enough… Im curious about that "firm feel" master cylinder???


    It looks like the part number for the rear caliper brake hardware kit is H5739 at Autozone.

    Ironman OG

    Just about every job I've seen done on here has made me cringe and I would be pissed off if someone installed my brake pads without hardware

    Eminent Videos

    Why couldn't you sway the calipers side to side to get the bleeders in the right orientation? just a thought.


    Wow! Eric, Just simply amazing, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    Dan M

    The other mod you can do is a hydro boost master swap off a gmt400 diesel

    Rick Palechuk

    The coil is impact protection for the line. You will see it used only in areas that are susceptible to impact from debris.


    I prefer the factory drums, it's like factory installed line lock.

    Tyler Tyler

    My 98 Z71 Silverado has a 14bot semi floater would this kit fit a 14bolt 6lug axle? Does anyone make a rear disk brake kit for the 14bolt 6 lug axles?


    Eric many Fords don’t come with brake shims.

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