Friday, March 24, 2023

Going for 200MPH in our 800BHP Stage 2 F90 M5 at VMAX200

Main Going for 200MPH in our 800BHP Stage 2 F90 M5 at VMAX200

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    After discovering a hidden software limiter at the first VMAX of the year we were keen to get back after spending time with our friends at Rrhamani Perfomance …

    Phil Madhani

    Excellent content💯 awesome car what a beast good work imran! 💪🏼🇩🇪

    Dale Steel

    Shit that is one quick car

    Darren Boston

    All the best Imran, personally I like to use the A14 or A1M to have a good clear out late at nite!

    Levani inaveL

    Wow…i was waiting from you that…respect from me…

    Jovan Korica

    Turn A/C off!!

    Rasul Avtorhanov

    Amazing flawless performance! Enjoyed every minute!

    Limitless Trading

    Truly astonishing what you have done with that car! 2.8 to 60 is phenomenal in a car that size with all its interior! 👌🎩


    Wasn’t it about a 10mph headwind too? The McLaren 720s were down about 8 mph vs last event I see on the results page

    Durjay Majlish

    What’s up evolve! I just got the new M5 in Singapore. If you’re coming this way I would love to get a tune by you!

    P-Dino Gaming

    What app do you use to log your runs Imran?

    Photog 250

    Why were you going in D instead of sport the whole way? Been getting the itch with my M550i but so far have only put on an exhaust and new diffuser.


    10.27 in th 1/4 mile with a strong head wind!! bravo to the guys at evolve. Considering that anything near the tens use to require a serious motor but in 2019 its possible in 5 door. Wrench boys playing games with the start lol wonder why


    Nice informative, but pleasurable video as always lads. Cheers!


    how long was that straight?, how long distance you did accelerate?

    Tito R

    Serious speed. Awesome

    Nauman Ali

    What were the 0-60 times?

    Wati Mandaz

    wow with these very good runs you then realize that it's not necessary to buy a supercar i mean considering the fact that modded F90 can easily smoke a modded supercar as well

    Simples Meercat

    Enjoyed watching that, Good job!


    holy shit that was the best 33 mins ive spent… way better than carwow "big grand" drag races

    Mustafa Ahmed

    After 100 mph you should switch it to rwd mode.

    steven johnson

    Man! That F90 beating up exotic cars too! Is it safe to say you just may have a little monster There? Lol


    gorgeous opening scene , aerial views of all those awesome cars were spectacular. great video thanks. F90 is my fav car to date. i hope to get one soon


    Please tell me the name of the Wheels. They are beautiful.

    mb san

    Everything u do is amazing

    J Tab

    Too bad racing in a straight line is too easy nowadays… and boring. The days of a clutch and and shifting are gone.

    Gary Smith

    Turn the ac off 👍

    D B

    Your starts are fantastic. Great video. Maybe take the passenger seat out next time.

    Eüro Nasty

    Can’t you paddle down at the end to keep it at a higher rev when it passes the line? If not, you need a tcu tune because that’s what’s holding you back.

    Amaury Lopez

    Watched the entire video great job guys.!!! 👍🏼 you’ll get it next time..! Good luck 🍀 to all of you..😊

    Harry Austin

    @carwow – take note ……..

    MIster x

    im waiting for the new m8 comp tuning ^^ it will destroy the chiron

    Catalin Apostol

    Remove outside mirrors and see what happens…

    Tha Reepah

    Turn off the air conditioning for a few extra horses haha

    Relentless Pursuit

    2.8 0-60 , that's mega – nice one Imram!


    I'm looking forward for the "Trying to hit 250mph" video

    Fareed Chaki

    Weapon of a car wow! Results don't lie. That green m5 played dirty in both races 😂😂

    Shadley Bam

    Well done! Why dont you use a higher octane fuel? I believe you using 98.


    Top vid again. First stop when I purchase my f90 is evolve 👌

Viewing 39 posts - 1 through 39 (of 39 total)
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