Monday, March 27, 2023

Golf R: Cost Of Mods // MCM TOOL BOX // New Project // Motorbike Mods

Main Golf R: Cost Of Mods // MCM TOOL BOX // New Project // Motorbike Mods

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    With the Golf R project wrapped up it’s time to get going on a new project and let you know all that is happening in the world of MCM! Grab info about the MCM …

    Paul Deer

    The hills are alive… with the sound of Brap Brap!!

    Sertic Theo

    Switzerland has all the subies and evos you want!! Snow ,mountains and AWD is the best

    Aido Wilson

    We the public demand a GULF v Evo Drag rematch! I cannot be satisfied with a poofta gulf tiptronic victory to a intercooler pipe blowoff!

    THE G.

    Mighty Motor Mods! Do anything with engines!

    Aaron Cunneen

    Im terrible at finding pole… so ill just vote to include bikes here

    – Shelly

    Please please come to Ireland for a meet


    Modify all the things!

    …I'll still make the RCR "Not a car!" joke though.

    Phillip van Staden

    MOD IT ALL!!!! we love you guys !!


    How much for the hole Golf?

    Mackie Meredith

    You NEED to modify Motorbikes! this channel would get way better, if that’s possible?!


    I can't believe it!! i leave just an hour away from there and I'm in Melbourne right now!! ahahah

    Karl Reid

    Didn't see your poll but would be awesome to see motorbike stuff too✌

    Angel Segui

    thanks for the awesome content guys


    If you guys dont visit Germany and max out a Porsche or something on the Autobahn you guys lost your cred for me. My little Polo GTI happily does 250kmh as often as i can and im curious how you guys would react driving on the Autobahn with a car thats a lot faster than my GTI.

    Once i was just crusing along doing 230kmh and suddenly a Porsche 918 just rocketed past me what must have been 330+kmh. And the best part, its absolutely legal. What a beautiful place and a blessing to have been born here.


    I saw the tool box at supercheap last week lul

    G Larson


    Jak _

    Cars or bikes or even bicycles! Love any and all content! You guys fkin rock ✌️✌️


    are my youtube settings just wrong or were there no poll or other links in this video?


    I need that tool chest over here. Super cool design and cheaper than what I can find locally.

    evo emperor

    I would actually like to see you guys mod a motorcycle!


    Poll: hell no. Only cars 😀 :D. PS i wouldn't nind but i like cars more.

    Karsten Siegmarsson

    I think you should stay with cars. Bikes are a totally different segment. Not your style and clients…

    Des Gibbons

    I love bikes as much as cars and enjoyed your last build, please do another bike.

    WTF is that!?

    Do i smell Castlemaine XXXX at the Nordscliefe. Chopped at the ring 😉


    You were in italy and didn't organize a meet!! I would have loved to meet you

    Vexing Cordite

    Come to the UK and experience why your Mini is such a B road warrior

    Wensis Rompas

    Amazing golf! Have fun guys.


    Very excited about the new project! Your clean daily builds are very cool as well, but shitboxes are what it's all about!

    Fabrice Bankhauser

    Did you confuse Germany with Austria maybe?

    Neil Crook

    If its got wheels and an engine you can mod it.

    Stephen E


    James Daly

    yes eg civic do it boys! a remake of the the old black mockery joke one

    ibrahim meryamka

    I am all in for motorbike content on this channel. But why not making a separate channel for bike content called Mighty Bike Mods (MBM)?


    Yes do bikes

    Vainius Dabuzinskas

    Do a bmw


    yes, show me awesome things.

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