Friday, March 24, 2023

Golf R Turboed Alltrack on the 1/4 Mile!!

Main Golf R Turboed Alltrack on the 1/4 Mile!!

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    We take our VW Alltrack with a Golf R (IS38) Turbo on it to the ZMax drag strip for Outlaw Dragwars! We ran our MK7 Alltrack against an Audi R8, a Big Turbo …

    kevin bailey


    Cif Amotan II

    Jack should learn how to drive the car before he goes on a 1/4mile 😬


    You guys should dump the unitronic and get a Cobb protune from 5150 or something. The trap speeds are super low for is38

    karstgeo 72

    Just had that recirc motor fixed on my GSW. Great video. I want the IS38 now 🤘

    Justin Carlson

    You need better software

    antuan melkoun

    I would love to see some 2.0 TDI content if at all possible. I know the views would be crap but imagine a beginners autocross car/daily that can go around town getting 40-50 mpg


    Damn jack you left vw?! Lol

    Rick Johnson

    Seeing those IATs in the 130s F, you must be running your A/C between runs. That A/C condenser dumps heat straight into the intercooler, limiting its effectiveness.


    Setting mk7 wastegate is an initiation into manhood.

    Garetto Congello

    What are you guys shifting at?


    Not setting the wastegate right was an amateur move….come on guys..


    Is this running 91 or 93 octane? Aftermarket DP?

    Steven Kaspick

    Why is it trapping so low with an is38? I do 108+ with an is20.


    @Deutscheautoparts You guys are awesome! Giving Nick a shout out, Dan and everyone else who helped me out. I'm in Norcal. They caught the UPS truck and held him for my shipment! They threw in a handful of warheads and stickers and Nick dropped a cool note in too! I needed race pads for my first track day, which was Laguna Seca boys!
    From Paul to Nick, everyone at DAP are amazing! Thank you for being such a awesome shop!

    Matthew Gibson

    Dearest sweet video guy,
    You have made DAP videos so much cooler.
    Smooches, some handsome guy from Louisiana.

    Andrew McBride

    I am loving this series! Wish we could get the Golf R wagon in North America, so this is the next best thing.


    That’s slower than a stage 2 GTI….?

    Benoit Rheault

    Did you put a dogbone and the rear subframe mount insert?


    You guys running the is20 or is38 turbo?
    If it's a is38 time seems slow.

    Russell Fitzgerald

    Your as fast as a stock 06 mazdaspeed6

    Marcos Oliver

    I thing you must start the launch control mode before, wait in 3.000 or 4.000 rvs to green light and you Will improve your times…

    Zeedan Shah



    Why so slow? What weight? Here (in Russia) our 1.8t Quattro A3 8v goes ~11.9 – 12.2
    Intake, Wagner, full exhaust, is38, soft engine and dsg by Revo
    Fuel 98-100 euro

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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