Monday, March 27, 2023

Got Wago Back Up and Running in a Day!

Main Got Wago Back Up and Running in a Day!

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    The CHRA on that PTE is toast from oil contamination when your last motor went. Oil feed fed it all those lovely shavings and chunks

    Rickshaw Sexy Back AFK

    NEVER change the intro with brent in the teg hanging out the window cause it's legendary!!!

    Steven Thompson

    What's the site for merch?💳


    Awesome work 🔥🚀⛽️😎

    Teemu Myyryläinen

    Those bends are way way too sharp…. it will start to stretch the tube and make it thinner on bend if you bend it that aggressively.. it will not be safe … i guess the whole point is to make it safe when you install the cage … There are some charts where you can find max angle per inch for different tube wall thicknesses .. google will be your best bet or call for some race shop.. i bet they are willing to help you out with facts.. make sure that you know your material hardness, wall thickness ( od – id ) etc. they can give you the answer..

    Would do it here.. but i bet there in Us are different rules for cage than here in Finland.

    Edit: you can see the tube is stretching on that hoop.. on all bends. the tube is getting smaller radius on stretched spot and you start to see waves on it eventually. where the material is starting to have micro fractures and grumbling under pressure.
    Tip.. fill the tube with sand when you bend it.. it will support the pipe from inside.. you could do it with water… as it will not give any room.. but can potentially be dangerous if pressure builds up too much.

    Shane Olson

    I watch all these car vids, and there is always someone with their pants halfway down their butt!  Glad to see wago up tho


    Your floor has me dead 😔

    Mikehoncho69696 _

    anybody know where i can find an adapter to put a d series trans on an f series motor?

    Turbo G35

    How does that turbo not smoke being tilted like that

    James Freshwater

    J the Hatch !

    Jesus Camacho

    What lock tight do yu use?


    someone get that boy a belt, no one wants to see your tighty whities there jr.


    what oil pressure gauge is that

    Tyrone Craft

    How bout a Shane T-shirt?


    pretty crazy how fast 2KZ is coming together

    Sean O’Donnell

    needs to be called the 2Kray Z

    scotty vtec

    Hey kyle, what setting did u put the milwaukee drill, to bolt on/tighten the crank pulley to the new engine?


    Please!!!,, Dont put those southern California ghetto rims back on!!


    Why not k24 lol

    Mike Jones

    "i don't use a torque wrench i use a light on a china made tool, next clip, here is the carnage of my motor blowing up." classic kyle.

    Shlomi Vinny

    Brents truck is broken… hes a very good mechanic… yet truck is still broken…
    Anyone wants to start a fundraiser for it?

    Peace maker


    Francis Bissonnette

    Is that a k20a3 ? Junk 160hp

    seth scolaro

    why did you stop doing your regular videos

    Hunter Babcock


    seth scolaro

    love the videos man!!!!!


    Hey Kyle, I'm not sure if you ever heard of a product called super clean. It's in a purple bottle. It's a degreaser but I use it for everything. From laundry to engines. It's the best degreaser I've ever used. It even takes oil out of clothes! I'll treat the shirt or pants directly and also pour some straight in the washer, works very well. If you do get it dont get the foaming one and the wheel cleaner I've never used but I can only imagine it's good for wheels. I've used the regular super clean for wheels and tires and it works great. You can buy the spray bottle one and you can buy it by the 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, and 5 gallon jug. I usually get the 5 gallon one and pour it in two spray bottles. One is diluted 50/50 and the other one is straight super clean. Best stuff ever. Makes cleaning anything effortless. Just thought I'd let you know about the best degreaser product I've found.

    AnActualDugTrio TrioTrio

    Cmon guys, i KNOW you have a pan to drain all these fluids into. That poor floor 😩

    Terence M

    Ditches the D series for reliability just to have his K blow up in 1 day. Lol there are stock sleeve vitara d series making 500+ all the time.


    the only reason you should not use an impact to tighten your flywheel bolts is because over tightening can warp it, im not trying to be one of those guys just sharing.

    Lou Nistico

    Man you guys can make a mess. The new guy is trying too hard to be cool.

    BIKE Life 260

    Man i bet shane is stoked to keep brents name and legacy going when hes gone.. Wish my dad was as cool as yours bro.. Lol

    Dawson Maddox

    Torque wrench? Never heard of it


    Hit up garage 64 and see how he put the engines together on his lada


    Hey, what's the torque spec on those bolts?

    patrick little

    Nice a junkyard motor like ruby. Get it into the 8s to compete junkyard to junkyard


    Imagine a 5 cylinder K series, the sound!


    Two uggaa uggaass Is definitely enough

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