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    Our 2019 Jeep Giveaway is now LIVE!!! Every $5 spent at is an entry! Good luck! Check out for all …

    Street Speed 717

    He might be old but he's gonna be teaching some youngsters a lesson real soon! What do you guys think the Grandpa Vette???


    How much is this man's insurance?

    dick flingertun

    At what point are americans full of buying ridiculous chinese clothes with bold branding to support and insane american lifestyle?… Yes, I am VERY jelly

    dick flingertun

    toyota turds. japanese corporations spoiling the north american population psyche. Go eat a Pizzlie Bear

    Roush Voldberg

    U gotta race demonology when u get the grandpa vette back

    Marcs Bedolla

    I highly doubt we will see 7s from this car at all

    Tim Ripley

    nice exhaust on the beep…tips are gonna be flat on the first trail day tho

    Chuck B

    holy fuck that sounds good

    Randall Lang

    Change the name, hate Grandpa Corvette. How about Blue Beast!

    Brandon Smith

    Grandpa vs ruby or Leroy ???

    Bowtie Guy86

    about time i forgot you had it lol.. look forward to some awesome content

    God Speed

    Grandpa vs demonology


    Grandpa's got new legs…can he run a 7.Xsec?

    Cobra Gt


    Emil Dahl

    You need to race Leroy at with grandpa now..

    Nathan Countyrman

    Should of helephant swapped engine swapped the engine

    Senne Trenson

    What's up with his 720S anyway? Can anyone tell me? I missed a bunch of videos and his 720S has been gone for ages but I never saw a video of him selling it?

    Nathan Countyrman

    Where is Andy?


    So how long before you announce the ZR1 as the next giveaway?

    Peter van Diggelen

    Who remembers this channel was about cars and having fun, instead of being a home shopping channel voor 717 merch…

    Adam Williams

    so are you actually a trump supporter or you sell maga gear because its easy money?

    Basil Fabian

    Wow, grandpa has become a monster… can’t wait to see the car perform. It’s freaking crazy man

    Supreme Master

    That’s a seven second car no doubt

    Ryan Whited

    Holy sweet baby jesus

    Shawn Alden

    I have a 2004 srt4 with 300whp and I thought my car was quick. Now I feel like I'm driving a Prius compared to that hahaha

    Danny Hampton

    Maybe for a future give away have the vehicle be grand prize of coarse, then pending how much money you guys want to throw in to the total pot maybe give away car mods to help others finish their own projects like an exhaust system from Corsa since your friends with them, or ship their car to Shane's to get a wrap that is in stock or easy for him to get then ship it back. Or maybe even just a straight $1,000 worth of parts and labor for their project. I know if I won that, I would try to get a Buick 3800 engine swap done.

    Car Authority

    Man Mike I just wanted to say that your content, is awesome. Even stuff I’m not normally interested in, you make me look into it! I’m one of your huge “manmission”, like Cletus would say, but I still watch your content and come to find out your awesome man! (Also DCT’s are 💯 better than torque converters! Loved your synopsis of it) I hope I’m as generous as you are if/when my channel goes big! Anyways man, keep it up!

    dustin sewell

    Awesome video brother

    john cramer

    imagine you get the call from Mike, you're shitting yourself like you just won the price is right, and he's like "yo dawg you won! hope you got room in your garage for this car…. care kit"

    II Bad Sport II


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