Monday, March 27, 2023

GTO Project Update – Mini-Spool Installed

Main GTO Project Update – Mini-Spool Installed

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    Jordan installed a new carrier and mini-spool in the GTO rearend. Today was the first test drive of the new setup and it seemed to do really well. He’ll probably …


    that car is begging for a 3rd pedal!!!


    Hope you get the 12 bolt rear soon. What's the nine thing? I don't know what a spool is either. The GTO started first time and sounds beastly the way it is. Looks pretty straight.

    Dale Andrews

    I had a black/black Goat back in the day(I think it was '73, just before that damned oil crunch and gas prices – and LINES – went through the ceiling) but was forced to sell it due to these issues. The thing – besides it just being BEAUTIFUL, with that awesome smooth as glass black factory paint – I remember fondly about that car is that it was so tight and WITHOUT RATTLES! You'd think that by going over a few railroad tracks it would, but no.

    Adam Karczewski

    U guys are awesome jus sayin

    Paula Soderblom

    good job love this  hotrod

    Arthur’s Hallicrafters Kitchen & Audio Lab

    Jordan is the mad genius I always wish I was. My Dad sold his GTO to a neighbor before I got my license. So, I’ve loved watching this project, and will always love the GTO. Side note, my uncle reported directly to John DeLorean when he worked for Pontiac, before, during, and after the GTO. He even received a DeLorean award, which my sister has to this day.


    Looks sweet i'm in the same boat with my 68 right now. Wanting to spin both wheels but not wanting to put money into a 10 bolt. Mini spool it is!


    I like what you’ve done with the car already with what funds are available. Keep the engine Pontiac, it’s cool as it is. Hope that rear end lasts the summer and you pick up a cheap replacement.


    Now you're ready for some drifting! Those spool style are used in drift cars pretty often. As close to a welded as you're going to get.


    Watching this old car being brought back to life makes my day better….It would not bother me if you retired the TA for a few years and put the money into the GTO….A 12 bolt Posi with 3.70 gears would be my choice for a rear diff..I have looked online for a model car to build to look like your GTO but all I find is a 69 judge

    Walter Stanfield

    Even on a bad day its still a GTO so itll always be coolbin my book

    Mark H

    I Like it👍

    alberto gorin

    like the u.s think its broke but its runs no matter what. tomorow by a car magazine do a test drive in a Citroen c 3 cross and driving a small car opel corsa 2016 edition.than this b 52 bomber ^ _ ^

    austin clark

    What gears do you have in it?

    B T

    Dude…….you have some dirt on your chin

    Russell Hale

    Great old school hotrod – we have nothing like this in UK – I would love it!


    Cheers mates…Stock up on axles

    Kohala Iron Works

    Any spool is mainly for drag racing, but nothing wrong with that. Good stuff Jordan, good to see you & your Pop doing stuff together. Hey Jeff, you're rocking that beard, Man!!! You guys ever looked up a "Naihead" to drop in there…Dual Quads, Cam with a .0580" lift??? Be nice if your Homeboy's like "friedly Outlaws…No Money…just for fun Drags. Was like that in my 20's…Waimea Homeboy's & Kohala Boy's…a lotta laughs with one another… Always good to see all your advances.


    Anything Pontiac these days is cool, what's the chances your friends down at Mann's Restoration's would give you a deal on painting the Pontic, sure would enhance the lines on that baby. Cheers !

    Keith Clark

    Would be awesome to
    Put a Muncie M22 rock crusher 4spd in the Goat.

    You have the technology…..

    Useful Entertainment

    great job guys, glad you are enjoying yourselves. getting ready to swap my 68 cutlass in a few weeks, got the 455 back from the machine shop, picked up a fresh m20 and i have a 308 posi ready to go, just gotta put it all together.

    b awesome

    3 Car money.

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