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    Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Dallon Espinoza

    Emory cloth on rtv. Use brake clean to help soften the rtv and run emory cloth on it. It’ll come off in no time

    anonymous error

    Dang nice buck teeth lmfao


    I think you guys should keep the HPimport for yourselves. Sell the HPlogic sticker. Will keep some sort of authenticity to HP when someone does import a car from them. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Luke James

    Wat about some junk logic stickers

    April Crotch

    Hey Sandy👋👋

    Sultan Tryndamere

    Damn what a dream for other people to fun and build your car… So jealous.

    Miguel S.

    Get a Silverado truck n tune it something new for the channel

    Jamie Toolin

    If you do the hp imports do all white so only your imported cars have the white/red? Same with tuners.

    Chris Boi

    Let’s be honest bro you have all the parts to make the gtr a beast but you’d rather take it slow? mm kinda boring

    thomas hemingway

    just use a C-clamp to push down the brake piston

    Elijah Hernandez

    Buy a turbo already

    Misael Rivera

    Check out your crankshaft key where the timing gear goes might be worn or broken and the gear will move … same thing happened to Adam

    Dani Olsen

    Dude's a frickin machine!

    Math D.

    12:07 Still holding the grinder the wrong way… If the grinder grabs… it need to go AWAY from you… not TOWARD you.. an other accident waiting to happen… that's sad!

    Filip Gruning

    1:10 someone is playing LOL ?


    Crapi tools

    Scottland Mckinnon

    Bro on the roadster dont spray till 3rd gear or you aint gonna have any traction and btw gtr is freaking sick keep on with the content its amazing!

    Barrens chat

    Chris you need to talk to some of ur sponsors about a race suit so you won't have to wear leggings #TeamRudnik

    Maggie The Farm Truck

    Congratulations on the sponsorship with up garage!!!! Can’t wait to see the rims!!!

    Tyler Wood

    They make a caliper piston compressor for those style calipers, but I have used the pry method.

    Lucas Ribeiro

    Dude, buy a fucking port-a-cool, just put it in front of the door and you are Gucci. no more sweat.
    P.S. don't hit a spark plug that hard, it`s the best way to fuck it up, tap it lightly in a block of wood and gap it little by little, that knock on the lift made me cringe as fuck.

    Lendel Pentecost

    wait your only 16? or is that when you started this journey haha

    Darien Charlton

    A Phillips head…. On an engine?……………… Hahahahaha hahaha!!! Phillips heads don't seem to be car worthy. They strip so easily. What would be the torque spec for something with a Phillips head

    William Rempkowski

    I got a snap-on brake bleeder and it works great.

    Frankie S

    Don't be a click bait fag

    muddin bros

    Make life od videos for a little while so u can build sweet cars!

    Märt Eepold

    34EE434C 86D8 4C9E 8CD7

    Victor Richardson

    I think with the cars but the Miata and a GTR in a drift car and blueberry you should get a nicer paint job on of all the car cheap little paint job


    Max props to your engine parts "painter!" They look great from my gs7's pov!

    EastCoast Pete

    HP Import stickers should be exclusive to their imported cars imo

    Robert Figueora

    Fav youtuber ❤️

    Niku AC

    Fuckn upgrade the turbos dude

    Gary Contreras

    Your calipers came out nice. Was is powder coat or just caliper paint and lots of clear?

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