Tuesday, March 21, 2023

GUY IN A 1,000HP 2020 GT500 Says He Can BEAT My ZR1!!! (Typical Mustang Owner)

Main GUY IN A 1,000HP 2020 GT500 Says He Can BEAT My ZR1!!! (Typical Mustang Owner)

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    GreyGoblin Zx10R

    That is the same guy trying to say he actually pulled on a busa. And can beat liter bikes. 😂

    William Jonson

    I love the cars and content, but think its I'll advised to not practice social distancing.

    Austin Warren

    How tf the mustang gonna miss his shift when he doesn't need to paddle. That's the point of the dual clutch. His paddle shifting meat grabbers aren't going to be quicker.


    one for girls only car vs another for girls only car….this boils down to "who can push harder on the gas pedal than the other dude"

    Donate Pickettay

    What’s done to that ZR1, because you gapping the GT500 and it suppose to have over RWHP. There’s no way your stock to gap that car like that. So what do you have to that car

    Denny Cunningham

    Dont know why but i had to re sub to your channel

    Joseph Webb

    Damn man I think y’all set a YouTube record for most hits with the same cars good races y’all went at it …

    Marc Siege

    The small block Chevy still shitting on modern overhead cam engine here in 2020 🤣

    Quentin Perry

    If he ever gets rid of that zr1 I might cry because I love that car I think it's the nicest car in the garage

    Bikes & Wrenches

    ( typical mustang owner) I'm waiting to see him lose control into a crowd of people

    Tony A1 Montana

    Man that ZR1 is stupid fast even wen they jump he reels them in💪🏾💪🏾

    Marcus Bell

    Should have put the Camaro against gt500 know it woulda got spanked

    Gav J

    Pandemic going on and people still fucking think it’s cool to have car meets and show off shitty cars

    Andrew Richards

    How’s a auto gt500 miss a shift lol

    Niloc Whalehands

    The ZR1 should and better be your forever car. Like you even said, the best and last of the front engine Vettes. Although, I've always thought the C6 ZR1 was the coolest looking Corvette ever. First, the Z06 changed the game with one of the best naturally aspirated engines, the 7.0L. Then, the ZR1 came along, and changed the game again. You need either the 7.0 or the ZR1. Just my thoughts.

    Mula Might

    This isn’t social distancing

    awesomejj 04

    Do u still have the grandpa Corvette?

    Eliot Spencer

    What an amazing ZR1… wow!

    Anon Imous

    Knowing that a GT500 can be modified to get to 1000 HP Shelby MAKES A GT1000 for around 240-270K.

    Whpl_5.0 19

    That gt500 didn't make no 1k

    SH3LEIIIK الامريكي

    Tbh i wanted to see that Zr1 racing without that spoiler . You might see big difference those zr1 wings take lots of air in high speed 😐.


    Ummm, so typical mustang owner beat you lol

    brayan quinones

    You’re slow af

    Nick R

    Mike is a cool guys. Just subscribed he gives every single person he races props. And you can tell he truly enjoys the scene, a true enthusiast love to see it.

    kelvyn williams

    You ford mustang guys hang it up,you,re not catchin any fast cars on the road these dayz,especially not vettes.


    These guys are on what highway?


    Damn auto cars missing gears…


    Vetts are fast but they are old man cars and a dime a dozen

    Tony Amarillas

    great runs with the mustang. Iconic seemed like a cool dude.

    inpc 3333

    Dfr watch @21:55

    John Clark

    Is Mike's ZR1 faster than the blue grandpa C6?

    colin logan

    That old Camaro 😍

    General Performance

    Love the wheel on the zr1


    Aren’t R888 directional tires? And if so switching those wheels from one side to the other will cause the tires to track the wrong way?

    Ryan Rayburn

    Hey Mike, you should do a video with Itjusta6

    Old school

    18.08 Iroc Z guy looks like he's about to cry ! That's when you know he put his all into it ! I'm planning on twin turbos for my chevelle.


    Looking forward to much more and more often content since I am stuck in my house 👍. The ZR1 steering wheel is still amazing no matter how much I’ve seen videos of it. Best mod ever!

    The ONLY upside of this absolute weird and crazy time we are living in at the moment is those of us with high performance cars get drive the roads encumbered. 👍

Viewing 38 posts - 1 through 38 (of 38 total)
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