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    Add another for base GT500. It will out perform C8 with an extra set of seats. What people are forgetting though is that 60 grand isnt affordable. Sorry. Thats 986 dollars a month for 72 after destination, taxes and finance charge. Bottom line is GM abandoned the working man by getting rid of Camaro. Bringing out C8 will drive all working class guys to the Challenger or Mustang. GM has nothing under 60 grand anymore for a performance vehicle. Nothing. Ford has Mustang GT selling at 28k brand new for a base. Auto trader is my source. Since we are comparing base here. Thats the next thing. Everyone acts like they are buying a BASE C8. Nobody buys a base anything when you have 60 grand! GM pulled a page out of Porsches book. Colored seatbelts? I bet thats a 1500 dollar option. Lower the base price to lure you in, then nickel and dime you for EVERYTHING. It is not a cheap car. At all. For the money, I would definately go GT500, and I would order the base. I currently have a 2018 base no option GT demo (300 miles) I bought for 28k walk out after taxes. So are all these GM fans going to talk how great the 2019 Mustang GT is for half price of C8? Dont bet on it.


    You said it yourself, as soon as you have two cars in the same price ball park people will compare them. Kinda like people comparing the civic type r to a base mustang GT. Totally different cars but they are close in price so people compare them.

    If you could get them both for MSRP I’d get the base c8, you’re starting with a better platform. Then you put the extra 10 grand into a supercharger when they become available. The supercharged c8 will be close to the same or more whp and will be much faster in every metric.

    Almalonzo Hall

    Sounds like a bunch of hating going on…


    Ford lost there muscle car touch with the 15 and up years. They all look like a Ford Fusion or European based car not American muscle. I’m a ford guy I owned a mustang and it was the best car I’ve ever owned but the c8 changes the game. C8 for the win

    Troy Elliott

    Mustang unless convertible. Gt350 gt500 no targa not even sunroof. Camaro has them.

    Troy Elliott

    I will never get any of them. Just a dream or a lottery win. But ya hope it gets ALL supercar makers including big big boys Ferrari and konzig etc to wise up. Rich get richer and more get rich. But more cars guys car nuts in middle class etc.

    ernest tibbs

    Here's the deal… If you can NOT sit in a Camaro… how can you drive around – everyday – in C8? driving a camaro is like driving a coffin, using a periscope. Will Hertz, Serpent have this sitting on the rental lot.
    Americans are not getting any shorter, skinnier or healthier. Will the 'average guy "fit'?


    If it were me I would get the GT500. Now when the Z06 or the ZR1 version of the C8 comes out then I will be more open minded and consider one of those. 0-60 times mean nothing to me…especially when Chevy is quoting it without quarter mile times.

    Eric ten Bensel

    It was high time for Ford getting beaten up over their ridiculous pricing on the Mustang GT, GT350 and GT500 plus for not stepping in and protecting their customers from their greedy dealerships with their stupid ADMs. Now they got their asses handed to them.

    pacsoul Pavon

    Ima wait for the z06

    Noe Leal

    They are desperate…. all they talk about has been done before Lamborghini Ferrari…

    jimmy matho

    Go buy the Corvette and use the extra 10 grand left over to buy a supercharger and then that things got like 750 horsepower mid-engine…. it would leave the Mustang in the dust

    jimmy matho

    Kind of a no-brainer you take the Corvette C8 and the $10,000 in your hand.
    Corvette C8 is the very first model year, you're going to benefit from that ,that body style is not going to change for a while, where that Mustang going to go away from that body style soon ,that's been the body style for a while,.. then that car is old design.
    But an extra 270 horsepower is nothing to sneeze at either

    Boss_Hoss _Cigars

    Man you are a complete dumbass if you get the GT 500. The corvette will smoke your shit for way less money. Don’t fuck yourself

    Jon R

    Base C8. Been saving and am gonna wait until they are more available. The dealer markups when a new model releases is just ridiculous. Gonna wait until like 2021-2022 and I’ll be able to get leftovers at a steal


    I would take a gt500 anyday

    Mike Mata

    There’s no comparison c8 is the way to go


    If you want both, sell the gt after you finish comparing it with the gt500 and then use that money to get the c8 z06 or zr1. Best of both worlds right there


    GT 500 💯💯 C8 is dope tho

    I S

    Idk.. l’m an America muscle car guy. Corvette, Camaro, Mustang, Challenger. Love em all. The C8 is just not a Vette to me. It’s a Ferrari with a Camaro ass. I know it’s ground breaking. I’m sure it’s ridiculously fast and corners like a son of a bitch. It’s just not a Corvette. 🤷‍♂️


    Ford needs to bring back the Pantera,for under 60K


    Base is under 60k bro! You can't even compare it. The c8 with the Z51 package might be more compared to the Ford Gt. Well least in terms of it beating the 0-60 times under 3 secs. And your facial expressions of perplexity is comedy 😂😂🤣😂😂 You about to be called Vette mode. Don't do it with the GT 500 you just wasting your money. For the price with all the upgrades you might be paying 80k. Might as well wait for the c8 Z06. I'm not jumping the gun. I'm getting the Z06 or even the Zora if my money is right. Patience my friend.


    Haha…dumping ford orders…seems like they got smart…


    How hard would it be with the voodoo motor?😂

    Shaun Ketterman

    Apparently a fully equipped 2020 GT500 will cost just under 100k [SOURCE: Anyone who pays that much for a Mustang needs medication. It's like Nike's. You pay for the name [Shelby]. The new Vette will likely have better performance all around, costs less, and has subjectively better aesthetics. Plus, if you don't buy the Mustang you can avoid the pre-pubescent, inferiority complex stereotype associated with Mustang owners. Win-win if you go Vette.

    Jose M

    Base c8 bye mustang..

    Ken Winsor

    I'm not a Chevy Guy, I can't stand them, but I've never identified a Corvette as a Chevy, and I always liked them,period. Someone explain that to me ☺

    The Hunter

    Tbh I still want the GT500. The C8 is sexy looking, but I still prefer the C7.

    Jackson Halladay

    Base gt500 is a better buy than base c8 because it will hold its value. The c8 is going to depreciate like crazy bc of the volume it will be demanded in. The market will be flooded and crash in a few years

    Steve Alex

    It looks like a Mc Clarin!

    Robert Stewart

    Ever since my local Ford dealer tried to screw me for an extra $20,000 for the then new 2007 GT 500, ! STOPED being a bran loyalist ! C8 is under consideration ….


    👀Cheap and beautyfull.or Expensive and🌞Soulfull well i am thankfull for both🗺company effort's tk u 4 sharing🌌

    johnny lopez

    The c8 is the future of sports cars for every automaker out there

    FLAKO Villa

    About time. Ford people realize Chevy killing the game sports cars

    Perotti 31

    For me… base GT500!!!!

    Ty Herr

    base c8 all day..🤣🤣

    Phillip Redden

    The C8 looks like a 2018 Ford GT & a 2018 Ferrari 488 had a love child

    miguel xorrea

    C8 sink mustang RIP
    Sorry Game Over

    chevyman Pontiacman

    You won't see them on every corner.

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