Thursday, March 23, 2023

Hack The Hooptie – More Comancheep Fab

Main Hack The Hooptie – More Comancheep Fab

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    Let’s hack the hooptie… literally, lol. In this video we are going to fabricate and install a brace on the frame of the Jeep Comanche aka Project Comancheep.

    Monty D

    Only thing I saw that may cause an issue is the bracket on the front of the frame you can’t get the bolts out now

    Lucas Beadle


    Brendan Crate

    Hey Matt, do you plan on going to Butler jeep fest this year?

    Primobill off road preparaçoes 4×4


    Mike Hoffman

    Really like the fabrication on the fly work.

    Michael Phillips

    I love your fab posts! You need a couch in the shop. I'd give you $20 just to sit and watch you weld…
    Keep up the great work Matt!

    Rick Marquart

    Love the build stuff! Never really get to see some of those cool tools. 😎


    I agree with 14x4nut – A tube from up high on the firewall to the front of the Jeep will support the fender AND eliminate some frame flex.

    Bryce Wood

    There are many other, better, ways to know where to bend ur tube without the guess work and need for example bends. I recently started fanning myself and with some simple calculations it can be done spot on every time. Check out this link for more info

    The Three Wheeler Cowboy

    Big props to you for actually designing and building your own stuff. Too many “off-road” people here have a shop install they’re bolt on kits and call it a “build”.

    Andrew Tabanji

    If I recall the WJ has a "uni-frame" Maybe you can steal that name for the Comancheap. Excellent video. Lots of great tips. Eventually I'd like to build a tube chassis or heavily modify something to this extent. Looks like a fun challenge

    Anon Ymus

    Who needs two shocks? If your coffee isn’t hitting the ceiling, are you really in a Jeep?


    awesome video. may want to think about attaching that tube to your exocage to create a triangle as we all know triangles are one of the strongest shape in roll cage configuration. keep up the great videos


    When you shut your Oxy off you should turn off the Acetylene first then your Oxygen then you wouldn’t have a flame to snuff out and wouldn’t have to worry about a flash back of any sort


    The Comanche has a uni-frame, and is stronger than just a uni-body, but not full on frame strong, almost the best of both worlds. love this project.


    Youtube can we pay this man more money?! He is using paper tower or something for ear plugs for crying out loud.

    jeff young

    Nice work!


    The ole comancheep's transforming like Tom's ole Thunderbolt Grease Slapper ! Good work Mr. Slick !!


    Just out of curiosity why use tubing and not a steel plate?

    Allin Mota

    Love these vids. Keep up the great work Matt.

    moed al garny

    i always enjoy 😁

    The Bearded Jeeper

    Lookin good love to see the progress

    Aaron B

    Kickin ass on it!!!
    That should make a huge difference.

    Jonny DIY

    Wow I was gonna say those welds musta been a pain too. So tight, not much room to get around. Came out nice, great job Matt 👍🏻

    Matt Browder

    Hell yeah Matt some good old bleepin Jeep wrenchin

    Aired down and disconnected

    I was thinking split the tube in half and weld to the frame. Two halves /one tube.
    More area to weld the full length.
    If I explained that correctly.

    Hunter Smith

    Might as well go ahead and 4 link the front end while you’ve got it torn apart 🙂

    Badger Pa

    Nice work Matt, love your videos, the builds and the looney ones.

    Gordon GMan

    Hopptie is the name of my 01" XJ… Lol

    Brandon Clingan

    I ran tubes from the front frame, up along my inner fender, and through the firewall to tie into my internal cage. I have an engine cross bar and two supports coming down. My front ORI mounts tie into these tubes and there is no perceivable flex in my frame. I'd show you a picture, but only have some on Instagram.

    Travis Merrix

    These videos are why I started watching bleepin Jeep in the first place keep them coming…….

    Ricky Haen

    It’s especially not expecially lol 😛

    Travis Bohanan

    I hate I don’t get notifications when I’m subscribed to channels.

    Tim Ritchie

    Like the music time lapse,, great video Matt

    Jeffery Anderson

    Big fan of seeing some fabrication on the channel again!

    Brad Brabson

    Wonder if the 96 era xj front end would offer better starting pieces to rebuild yours


    Your welds look good

    David Twa

    Your missing a 20in lightbar on the bumper for sure will fix all your problems lol


    I would run a tube from the firewall along the inside of the fender and down to the front like you mentioned, that way it'll give the fender some strength when it rubs something.

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