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    Brake caliper tool! Lisle 25750 Dual Piston Brake Caliper Compressor …

    George Parker

    Lol at the brake caliper tool I thought most people knew about them


    When the car sat the caliper probably rusted over


    Lol caliper tool. Was using that before you born. I’m glad you found a good solution! 🙏🏼👏

    Austin Crawford

    Rear calipers twist In most the time

    Yee Thirty

    I remember that thermostat housing eposode.. i was just telling a biddy about it the other day whipe he jb welded a coolant line

    Aleksander Blil

    if you are going to buy the brake tool buy the one that uses air. it also works good with brakepistons you have to ''skrew'' brack in.

    PSI Guys

    You can buy one of those brake tools at oriellys

    James Cook Jr.

    Chris Check to see if it’s the screw type calipers buddy 👍😊

    Dakota Emerson

    Where is the GTR?

    Nelson Rivera

    Drilled and slotted rotors for baby rocket please 🙂


    Yeah yo mama's wrong you definitely have ADD at least bud lol

    Errl Sweatshirt

    This is Mickey Mouse shit Marcus! Shout out to all the OGs!!


    Should flush your brake fluid to after retracting your calipers

    Dalton Harrington

    But I’m so glad I’ve been watching since the beginning of those days. Now I only watch you and sometimes Damian but I’m not a huge fan of his content

    Nicolas K

    “A certain onion” killed me 😂

    Gabby bridgetndaniel Dunne

    Rear calipers take a special compressor that screws the piston in while it compresses it it's called a rear brake caliper compressor there's a left hand thread and right hand thread all comes in the kit

    Gabby bridgetndaniel Dunne

    I've had one in my toolbox longer than you've been alive referring to the brake caliper compressor

    dale. marshall

    Seriously dood get some EBC race pads as they hardly leave any dust.


    Man wait till you see the ratchet style brake piston tool. It makes those types look like a thing of the past. You can literally operate it with your pinky finger. Thing will change your life if you do a lot of brakes.


    Shoutout to Roddy's Mom for telling him he doesn't have adhd and sparing the world from another snowflake.

    Dane Siegler

    Finally u bring up buffing his head

    Ciaran O’Donovan

    Is the e-brake up? Rears might not be ceased

    Don Wayne

    Might want to check that hardtop separation out there bud! 6:20

    Garrett Holland

    That was sooooooo long ago…holy shit…


    Chris snap on makes that piston compressor


    Didnt marcus fix the dash??? lol

    Nitrous Ramon

    Hockey pucks!!!

    Jeremy Hardin

    The amount of brake dust on those TE's could fill in Marcus' bald spot

    matthew anderson

    Who else misses Rudniks mom?

    matthew anderson

    How dare you mention Haggard Garage without Ol'Ryan present

    Joseph Faust
    Kylee Sauter

    Spoiler alert @ 13:29 look what's next to the bmw


    not gonna lie watching this made me wanna drive that thing! looks fast as hell and sounds oh so good

    chris ruiz

    No I don’t understand I don’t a race car :/

    Forest Spirit

    buy an s13


    Break the bleeder and try to compress the pistons. If it goes in, the brake hose is bad. If it still doesn't go in, then the pistons are seized

    Gavin Adams

    “Hot and herdy” -Chris rudnik 2020

    jixxter 5

    Chris gets tires for all his other cars except his baby rocket

    Patrick Dionne

    Rear calipers should be a twist in. You spin it to collapse it instead of squeeze it

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