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Haltech IC7 Dash Install into Supergramps

Main Haltech IC7 Dash Install into Supergramps

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    We install an all-new ECU Display Dash into Supergramps Shop: Facebook: …

    Mighty Car Mods

    We're doing a massive event at Sydney Dragway on the 24th of November 2019. Drag racing, motorkhana, show and shine, merchandise sales and much more.. for more info check out our website:


    where THE HECK is Unicorn Circuit?!?


    Moog even laughs like "tsootoootoootoootooooo" ๐Ÿ˜€
    Turbo all the way

    Bad Obsession Motorsport

    Excellent use of CAD Marty. We'll make a fabricator out of you yet!

    Jed Knouse

    Moog got all excited when Marty said "D word"… you know he was thinking dick.

    Tyrone Sealy

    You guys should do a track day with all the mighty car mods cars

    Justin Bussell

    This episode is in memory of Marty Mulholland.
    09/08/1975 – 09/11/2019.
    Died from eating Broccoli Chips.


    Why are you trying to kill Marty? ๐Ÿ™


    What music do u use

    Luke Conley

    Best part is the end with Marty coughing up that broccoli chip.

    bongo damonkey

    Moog, fear of the data was hilarious. Also the last video was amazing, the amount of talent you guys have accumulated over the years of editing and shooting is insanely impressive.

    Zander N

    Lost it at the end…๐Ÿ˜‚ that dash magically got better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Jason Hoover

    Love the DeWalt safety glasses how does Ryobi feel about that

    Michael Rivera

    Get a pioneer screen they're just a bluetooth screen but they're sort of flat like that haltech dash thing..


    Where's Marty's TShirt from?

    Jonathan B

    I would buy one….

    Marcin Kleszcz

    Ryobi will be really happy to see ya running around with Dewalt safety glasses ๐Ÿ˜› But really, great job guys with super gramps and with the show!!


    22:13, new ringtone.


    Awesome video. Miss these diy vids

    Paul in AZ

    Love SuperGramps.

    Can't imagine he will ever be "done."


    BIFB got that too

    Charlie Denbigh

    Love the Bad Obsession Motorsports Project Binky ref, definitely need a collab in the future, maybe some MAD Mini racing

    Edit* I wrote that before seeing the "chips" I'm crying lol

    Jim Craig

    Yea kinda glad i sold my IQ3 before this came out and the prices dropped. Mr2 NEEDS.

    Nippon Nostalgic TV

    Moog still going on about "the purity". Enjoy your sardine milkshake mate

    John Cobb

    Project Binkey FTW

    Josh Booth

    I laughed so hard!!! Well done Moog!


    Who got it first Mighty Car Mods or B is for Build? Awesome to see Haltech hooking up my favorite youtubers!

    Marc Holler

    I cannot wait for the BMW.

    Robert and Mandy Wallace

    Clean install, good job Marty.

    Dub Tub

    there should be a mcm3-disrespected channel. raw uploads of your shenanigans. do it.

    Lance Bressman

    Great stuff as usual!! Vegans are gonna kill us all!!!

    GC Geek Army

    I wonder who got this first. MCM or B is for Builds SEMA car


    Get on with the times and build a sporty EV conversion already.


    I definitely would have made it a touch-screen if it were my design but to each his own I suppose.

    Rohan Pepper

    30 seconds in and all I can think about is "Moogs has been working out…" Welcome to the guns show.


    Does anyone know if the track that starts at 15:37 has been released by Moog? I've often heard it being played in the background and I'd like to hear the full track if it's possible.

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