Friday, March 24, 2023

Hector from The Fast and The Furious Thought He Could Beat The Mr2! BoostedBoiz Go to Vegas!

Main Hector from The Fast and The Furious Thought He Could Beat The Mr2! BoostedBoiz Go to Vegas!

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    Paul M

    MAV TV is awesome for real. All kinds of racing on that channel for years.

    Nick Arnold

    Awesome job on this video guys! I love how Jamie got all the footage of everyone and how you guys added snips from other dudes. Killin it! I look forward to every single video. Also so sick that Bully shredded an axle! Dude is puttin down some STANK! 🤙

    jason booger

    if this was 4 minutes long – instead of 40 – i would stick around after posting this to actually watch it

    Syazrulnaim Samsu

    10:10 poor camera

    Trinidad Diaz

    LOL. "DUDE I OLMOST HAD YOU" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Stone Cold

    Sorry but i cant deal with a bunch of drunks. This will be the last vlog i watch from you guys.

    rosa rawlins

    nice episode


    After this hector went to harry's to order 3 SPOON ENGINES WITH NOS AND T66 TURBOS. You guys know, he cant lose again


    you need specific pants? wtf is this UPS?

    nick kosakowski

    Hector needed smoked hahaha

    Albert Arbelo

    He really is too slow to get away with the money. 😂

    James Howington

    12:30 me and my 2 sons in the backround

    Bobby Chudoba

    You should race Hector for his slips. See how fast and furious he is.

    Mikael Simpson

    Bisimoto's 1,000 HP Honda Civic Wagon , jay leno

    why is this guy stealing wagos design ?

    Austin Texas

    14:00 Yw

    Cameraworks Ltd.

    Hector is still legit

    Ragged Ridez

    I was hoping hector punched kyle like dom did tran at race wars

    EK Benny

    2j would have gotten smoked!


    Great video only thing i don't get is why people don't use a car cover cause surely you spend more time checking/cleaning things than it would cost for one…or a $5 tarp.
    Keep up the hard work

    Caleb Dougherty

    Y’all drunk as hell😂🤷🏾‍♂️

    minibike madman

    Hector was great in the walking dead.

    Brandon Cochran

    I wanna see brents just smoke some cars like crazy

    Brandon Cochran

    Bruh your mr2 is nasty nasty mr2nasty wow.

    Tyler Dietrich

    This car is a pos

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    Nick Peezy94

    Brent’s such a coke head lol 😂


    You guys are awesome. Hopefully i meet you guys in March.

    Austin Clark

    Awesome vid enjoyed the whole thing!

Viewing 29 posts - 1 through 29 (of 29 total)
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