Saturday, March 25, 2023

Hell and Back: 24 Hours of Wheeling

Main Hell and Back: 24 Hours of Wheeling

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    24 Hours of Wheeling begins now! This crazy idea of wheeling for 24 hours was dreamt up by Marvin aka jeepstermcjeepface on instagram and then put …

    Dan Hambrick

    That buggy on Rockwells was pretty awesome…

    Armee Green

    Oh my. Haha…Hey, love the “air on the trail” reference. Good job getting that in there!

    Miah Oneluv13t4r

    Now that was a good video ..all of it 100!!

    Tyler Martin

    Matt what tires are you running??

    Bill Woo

    Love that new side footage (6:15) – assuming you don't destroy the exposed camera.

    justin s

    Im looking to get in to the off roading you guys do and was woundering whats a good jeep are 4×4 vehicle to start with


    Them guys in the sky blue jeep was in Daytona ,, they sold their house to wheel full time ,, cool folks ..

    darryl mcleman

    Get a grip!!!


    You guys should really check out Oregon Trophy Challenge. It will put you through your paces if you ever get out west.

    Ric Lee

    Finally a wheeling video! Jeremy is back!

    Luke Escamilla

    Just thought I would mention that there is some pretty good stuff in the bio


    Damn those orange sunglasses again. 🤣 nice video, hit it like you live.

    Luke Escamilla

    The first few seconds sounded like a Tim Wells video

    Patrick Briley

    That looked like it was a lot of fun. I can hardly wait for part two.

    Timothy Springer

    Trevor Galloway dude your YouTube famous with bleepinjeep!!!

    It’s a Bug’s Life

    Good seeing you back in the XJ! Y’all crack me up when you and Jeremy are together! Ask Jeremy if I’m CHUBBY enough for him to CHASE me! 🤣🤣
    Love ya bunches! ❤️🐞

    Tumbledown 30

    NOW THIS IS THE INTRO THAT I MISS!!!!!!!!!! Hilarious!!!!!! And I have SO missed the eagles cry. Please keep it this way!!!


    "LOOK, AIR ON THE TRAIL!" I think Matts still a bit sour lmfao


    This was a blast. When will you have a fan ride again? Would love to wheel Bleeping Jeep.


    30 minute video. 8 minutes of trail riding on dirt roads. 4 minutes of crawling. The rest is trail fixes, blathering and a couple of walk around of rigs in the group. Hopefully part 2 will be more actual crawling.

    jagger lewis

    What is that grinding on the blue jeep???

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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