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Here's 5 Exotics the New 2020 Corvette C8 will MASSIVELY DEPRECIATE

Main Here's 5 Exotics the New 2020 Corvette C8 will MASSIVELY DEPRECIATE

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    David Higgins

    It will be interesting to see the consequences of this Industry changing vehicle in the upcoming times. I have already advised all Mclaren owners to get rid of their vehicles RIGHT NOW, they are going to lose a packet, far better to cut their losses now while they still CAN get rid of it. It will be the bigger difference between the second hand value of the other manufacturers exotic cars and the new price costs. Even those that used to just throw their money away will wise up.

    The gulf will be THAT WIDE, folks will in increasing numbers just not buy so many new ones. That'll apply to Lambo's, Porsches, Acura NSX's (the NSX is now as dead as a Dodo) and the rest of the rip off merchants. Some of these models will quietly without any fanfare just be discontinued, even car manufacturers that have not diversified but SPECIALISED, some will definitely go under. It is obvious it will happen, now it is inevitable.

    I really don't think even Mclaren will survive in its present form. They'll all have to adapt their output to supply a lesser amount if they can to survive, losing dealers, losing sales. What the C8 has done amongst other things is to dissolve the EXCLUSIVITY that the schmucks used to pay excessive costs to obtain, now that has gone!.

    Many just won't bother dropping $400k on a Lambo, not when they'll more and more now be seen as a MUG. Those types will just settle for more refined modest vehicles, as they will all along down the exotic car price range. The Lambo drivers not necessarily themselves picking up a C8 Corvette, but some will be tempted when the C8 higher HP versions come out. Then the top end market will really suffer especially when the C8 goes Worldwide, Japan, Europe (a big stronghold) etc.

    I say it could be best for future C8 owners to get those other exotic car manufacturers car badges now, maybe the stick on ones, put two crosses through them and have them ready when they go out of business to attach to the side of their C8 upper car doors, if they are so bold. It'll be fun to collect them like on the WWII fighter and bomber aircraft. I'd get a Acura NSX one right now for starters, that vehicle has definitely 'had its chips'. These shysters have taken advantage of the car enthusiasts all these years, now they're going to pay.

    Aaron Bays

    Only thing that's going to tank the value of the cars Hoovie talked about is a bad recession. The people who own McLarens, Lambos, etc aren't going to sell them to buy a C8 Corvette, because the 75k(IMO that will be the real price with options) for a C8 Corvette is pocket change for those type of people. If they want a C8, they'll just go buy one and stick in their garage next to their AMG, Ferrari or whatever.

    Vaidas Spu

    only thing that it will depreciate is other gm trash

    Heinzkitz Velvet

    50 bucks says he trades in that useless Gladiator and buys the Vette in 6 months or less. Any takers?


    The new C8 Corvette is gorgeous, but they kill it for me by not offering a manual transmission, even if it was a little slower..


    Never compare german lux sport cars to american plastic superchargers and to others… even to that corvette wich is ferraris and nsx repclica i think ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ cheap replica .

    dave bk

    LFA needs to drop in price.
    And I need to drop a stick shift in one.

    Buckleys. (

    Pavel Kondratyuk

    Just like the 35k Tesla model 3 I assume a c8 will probably be 95k

    Jordan Winders

    No no not the boomers!

    *dont worry it's just pictures pictures of boomers can't hurt me. They only rekt everything but that's ok…its just pictures


    Don't really care for corvettes, always seemed too ostentatious to me. How about an update on that black merc in the background? Hoopties FTW ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cup & Cone

    The problem with the new C8 will be insane dealer markup. Some dealers are pledging they won't, but we all know when the demand is sky high because Bowling Green is at capacity and there's still shortage, they will be.

    Mr. Reese

    Can you please put Euro Headlights on the W124 already, this NA headlights abomination hurts so much.

    btw, high prices exist because of exotic and luxury manufacturers, they don't drop because chevy releases a performance vehicle, no matter if mid-engine or not. That's not how the market works, just look at the history.

    Moto Moto

    video starts at 1:30


    So toro?


    Ferraris lambos mclarens are made in small numbers otherwise they would never comand the high pruces. The Corvette is a reliable supercar. The others are not. But snob factor and limiyed supply keeps price up. But Corvette are showing what bullshit these rip off prices repairs parts and servicing are. A basic part for a ferrari porsche can be 10 times other cars..its called..paying for the brand name. Even though there cant be no difference.

    Sami Muallim

    Dude, Ur waaaaaay late and completely wrong about you're market predictions. Hopefully click bait lol. I'm an exotics owner, Ferrari, Lamborghini's, Porches, and have owned several Vettes also. No one buying or owning these cars gives a chit about Vettes and their prices, their like kids hand wipes, cheap, mostly plastic and somehow always heavy cars unlike hand wipes. Corvettes don't compare to McLaren or other exotics and never will affect or effect the exotic market no matter what they do, as the last 50 years has proven. Good luck though with your market predictions, if you can really call it one. McLarens are overpriced and actually have some issues with quality and customer service, I'll not buy one at least for another 5 years as in my option haven't proved themselves. Biggest bang for the buck is still a Porsche and has been for about 30 years.

    That’s besides the point

    Don't worry..Doug will make the price.of those other cars drop once he does a video on the C8 !


    And no bro. EVERYONES talking about the new vette. The Demons v8 still sits in the throne. Sorry


    Its crazy i found ur channel bro. I been thinking a used mercedes or a mustang. Im budgeting about 10 grand. This is my first time buying a car woth that budget SO theres MANY! ANY TIPS???


    I think the C7 and audi R8 prices will drop

    Mitchel Groover

    I love how the car community always references each other

    Patsyy Patsyy

    Its such a god damn ugly car though

    Golden Dragon

    The intro the fuck ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ’€โ˜ ๐Ÿ˜‚


    Tyler… You have nothing to worry about. A wired looking mid engine"Corvette" won't affect the value of your exiting and special Lamborghini.


    Hey hoovie, I thnik your ceiling fan was spinning in front of a lamp and created some flickering. Interesting video nonetheless.

    Felix Barkhahn

    I dont think so. All those cars have a certain iconic look. The C8 just looks like they tried to make a C7 look more european and failed doing so. I mean, this looks more like an ingame car of GTA 5 than something real designers had their hands on.


    Please bring the C8 to Australia! I want one

    Xander Lundblad

    will you ever do a video about the pontiac fiero


    i want the coyote mustangs to get cheaper but i know they wont
    they may be "cheap" for people with money but i dont have $20k

    1life To live

    Bro just get a C8, here Chevy is presenting you with an exotic for 1/4 the price of an overpriced European exotic and here you are instead of hopping on the deal of the fucking century you are ready to get a euro car for cheaper. You missed the whole point of what GM did. I really hope some guy in a Z06 fuckin smacks the shit out of your Porsche or Ferrari.

    E Abuhasbu

    Someone watches Idobbz a little too much


    Looking over comments, many people are comparing the C8, to Supra or NSX and so on… honestly, out of all of those, i'd only go for NSX, just cause of styling, the new Supra looks weird and underperforms, the C8, while some styling is ok, just looks out of place having mid-engine lines, probably just need time to get used to it, also hard to say how it will perform in real life, changing location of the engine does create a huge amount of weight distribution problems, time will show… the NSX just gets me sold on the styling alone… but who am I kidding… If I had that amount of money around I would still got for GTR and only GTR.

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