Friday, March 24, 2023

Here's Everything That's Broken On My Cheap BORDER PATROL Ford Raptor

Main Here's Everything That's Broken On My Cheap BORDER PATROL Ford Raptor

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    Thanks to J&J Auto Wrecking for continuing to rescue my hoopties with spare parts Read my column on Autotrader here: …

    Rob Alaniz

    I bet that truck is from down here in south Texas. The rgv

    Pie 4life

    Lol compression test the engine,…..

    Gilberto Quinones

    What is the past history? So the First two years either a Supervisor or Specialty unit had it. After that more likely went to regular unit. More likely pull a lot of tires tided with metal chains in order to soften the roads to cut for sings. Rainy days a lot of fun with them. Burn out. Just hit hard the brakes and punch the gas ( that is why the transfer case sound). The mount in the back is for the night vision cameras ( FLIR/ RECON). If didn’t have the governor, top speed were tried to be achieve. Count less engine running hours. And last – Hope the driver didn’t chew/dip tabaco on it.

    Pussy Monster

    Your mechanic clearly raping you

    Daven Buteau

    You need to find a new mechanic

    Gabe Ulrickson

    Sounds like they drove it very hard in 4 low a lot and burned up the front diff

    Joel Vazquez

    Aremica safe stfu

    Mark Smith

    It needs to be Telstar Logistics, which is a fake company this guy set up so that he could park anywhere. They have a logo and everything.

    Mitchell Pritsker

    This looks like the Ford Raptor Border Patrol?

    Danny Johnson

    I found one too! They must be coming for sale once they hit 100k miles

    Austin Recla

    These prices are INSANE. Even the $20 for license plate bulbs. I put LED’s in my whole interior for $22

    Rey Baybay

    3500 gtfo 100 oil change rape!

    Mark Hamilton

    Can you add 'mic for wizard'to the shopping list please.

    Tommy K

    After the wizard fixes that raptor he’ll definitely have the money to buy that citation in cash


    The Wizard forgot about the rear door latches etc too.

    Christian Buczko

    You need to find a cheaper mechanic. Did he really say its $450 to replace a spare wheel??? And $800 for perfectly serviceable tyres to be replaced?? Goto a breakers yard for a wheel. Or get one off ebay, find somebody breaking a raptor for parts, and make an offer on one of the wheels… With those tyres, use them until you actually need to replace them. Thats an instant saving of $1200.


    You need to put a better exhaust on this!

    robert woodliff

    You must sell this……, a deal you make money on!

    Carl Butcher

    6.2 liter is a very underrated engine . Those things can be made into monsters ,you just don't hear about them a lot

    holla yo

    learn to fix shit yourself it's free!


    I absolutely LOVE my 2013 Raptor. Love it.

    Breezy T

    You guys realize wizards high prices are a joke? Some people are so gullible!


    I think you're doing well enough now to stretch for a second mic for the Wizard…

    mcgeorge 3

    He seems like he’s off the shit or something all the time why does he try so hard to talk he’s cringy af

    Nick Muccio

    He’s scamming you for those labor charges

    Taron T.

    $400 for a spare tire? I thought this guy was your friend.

    Taron T.

    OMG! That guy is screwing you. Bring it to Illinois and I can get all that work done for $1k


    Congrats! You got a good one!

    Luke G.

    All the Ford trash talk in your vids, find a Silverado that's survived similar abuse with this little wrong with it… You won't.

    Rubenn Fitz Michel

    Spoiler alert: broken American dreams

    Miklos Gyorgy

    Is it too late to call dibs on it when you want to sell it? My 2000 Sierra just crapped out, in the market for a new (to me) truck.

    Isaac Chapman

    It's bed mounted chair(s)


    3500 is a straight ripoff


    This might be news to you, but having been a cop and a police department fleet manager, I can tell you that, while driven hard daily, police vehicles are usually very well-maintained and when things break, they get fixed. That's the benefit of having Uncle Sam's deep pockets.

    Vaso Lazovic

    Check glovebox for any forgotten mexicans

    Kevin Wiltshire

    They switch rims on you. They took off the expense dealer option bead lock rims

    Harry Pitman

    Bet that mount is for spare tire as the factory spot was always a pain to get at.

    Jose Pallares

    Andy Bernard…. From the office. That's who you remind my wife and I of haha

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