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Here’s What I Really Think of the New Ford Bronco

Main Here’s What I Really Think of the New Ford Bronco

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    Ford Bronco review. Here’s What I Really Think of the New Ford Bronco, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Is the Ford Bronco reliable? Are Ford trucks good …

    Scotty Kilmer

    Doing This Will Make Your Car's AC Blow Twice as Cold:

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    Doug Williams

    Hope wheel base will be wider and the center of gravity lower on the New Ford Bronco. I have seen the wheels come off the road as the old Bronco would leave the interstate high way onto an off ramp. It was prone to roll over


    Hey scotty whats your opinion on a 2017 mazda cr-5? Good reliable?

    YouTube TV


    Dennis W

    I heard the first year Bronco production is already sold

    Roberts TV


    Videos Videos

    I wonder if those things are reliable…

    Omaha Bullock

    I own a 2008 Honda Civic Si and I Love it other than the dealerships trying to screw me, I've been told that my main crank oil seal is leaking badly although it's not using any. (added 2 qts in 10 years) and there's never any oil in my parking space. I change oil every 30,000 miles and it just turned over 100,000. Had to do minor repairs like in-line oxygen sensor for 149.00 bucks. And a squirrel crawled up and chewed on some wires (abs and vsa lights came on.) What should I pay for a clutch? I've got estimates for 1,550 (said slave cylinder has to be replaced along with flywheel.) so I avoided this guy. Slave seems to work ok although clutch is catching engaging closer and closer to the top of pedal travel (Normal wear.) You said let the clutch completely wear out but if I get the clutch repaired before it goes into the rivets can I avoid a new flywheel? It makes no noise right now and no grabbing or shuttering. how long should a clutch last? Lowest estimate was 900.00 with a guarantee for a year. Thank you for your truthful advice and sorry to see you go on youtube. Better believe I'll be watching on twitter or wherever you are.

    Slavic Boer

    Never buy a first year model of anything.


    I wish that GM make their Chevy Blazer rugged like ford did with the bronco instead of the stupid crossover.

    Master Yoda

    Hey Scotty your a legend mate.. what's best in oil? Fully synthetic, semi synthetic etc?


    Creasing is the worst when moving metal. Also, your never going to shrink the metal with a hammer. It will only stretch, and the worst thing is when they oil can, when that happens you need to do something to relieve the pressure that's causing the condition.


    Always check the Caitlyn Jenner fluid

    Todd Toddy

    Hopefully this one won’t be a flipper. If I’m not mistaken the bronco 2 was top heavy and was quick to flip over. Had a couple friends almost die in one.


    Love your videos Scotty. Just want to let you know every time Joe Biden wants to run his one minute long commercial on your videos I Always let it play in full. I do it with the volume muted and find something else to do for that minute so I don't actually watch or hear it, but You do get Paid for me having 'seen' it. Will do this for you Every time Biden wants to send you a little more moolah. Keep up the good work.

    Josue Gonzalez

    Repent of your sins, believe in Jesus Christ, be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and receive the Holy Ghost. Fear God and obey His gospel, and save yourself from hell fire.

    Andrew Denley

    New Bronco or new Explorer in disguise?

    Chris Johnson

    Ive seen all the evidence to the opposite of what you say about ford eco.. Even here on youtube..

    Dingane Nhaúle

    I think the Ford bronco is being way too hyped. I do like the idea behind the 7 speed manual, great idea.

    Muh Dewd

    Some airplane builders tried to market airplanes as flying cars but general aviation proved to be too tedious and unsafe to replace the car.

    Backyard Tukang

    Orang malaysia mana suaranya??

    Dylan Harrington

    I bet Scottys Grandfather never had a $3'500 scan tool to help him out too,lol.

    William Madden

    I had a turbo 4cyl Mercedes with over 200k with no issues

    David Karr

    Scotty! Is your son just as good on cars as you?

    Pata Pajak

    Hi scotty!
    Thoughts on 80s chryslers if i want cheap american luxury from the 80s or are there better options?


    Autonomous vehicles, have to say if I'm paying for the insurance, servicing and taxes then I want to drive it myself… I don't need to be driven to waste time on anti-social media. If I want to use my iPad, I'd get a cab. Simple!

    John Mehaffey

    They won’t send the bronco to scotty if it’s no good scotty would only find out all the hidden faults and tell the world not to buy this endless money pit


    If the car world has a god he would be Scotty Kilmer haha just great😁

    Raymond King

    Scotty Ive got 2004 mitsubishi spider.. When i crank the car i have to hold the gas peddle down to keep it running..any advice???

    Knight Industries

    Hey Scotty, the Ford Bronco had a lot of its engineering development done here in Melbourne, Australia. It is based on the current generation Ford Ranger pick-up which was also developed and engineered in here in Melbourne as well. So in terms of dynamics and packaging, it WILL be great. I predict from a driving point of view it will blow the Jeep Wrangler away. As far as longevity of things like the 10-speed auto, well, that remains to be seen, but I'm confident it will be a class leader in terms of driving. American audience may find it strange that the engineering was done in Melbourne, but remember the mighty Ford GT Supercar released a couple of years back was designed by another Ford Australia man from Melbourne who went over to the US to work on the project.

    Stuart Hall

    Greeting Scotty from across the pond. Thank you for maintaining my sanity during the covid lockdown.
    One problem with you recommending Toyotas, if we all went out and bought one, you'd never have any work 😯

    J C

    Ah too bad about self driving cars… I was looking forward to driving over them with my Freightliner


    Love Scotty but I dont think he likes anything new 🙂


    6:48 oh, scotty. you are one of a kind.


    i mean…markplier has more subs then him but i still watch scotty kilmer


    You don’t like gdi turbo? But I thought ypu like the civic type R?

    Tim Sycks

    My dad used his go pro suction cup to remove dents from his gas tank on his yamaha motorcycle

    Vincent Vader

    Scotty tells it like it is.

    Hussain Sarraf

    Scotty can only give you an opinion about a a car when it's been out there long enough to know if it's reliable. About 20 years.

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