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Here's Why a Used Porsche Panamera Is a Sub-$30,000 Bargain

Main Here's Why a Used Porsche Panamera Is a Sub-$30,000 Bargain

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    THANKS TO CNC MOTORS! Early Porsche Panamera models are becoming bargains. Today I’m …

    Adam Cecere

    I don't mind the roof line. I think it works.


    I love that interior!!

    Sean Jones

    The panamera is a better looking car then the most sedan's today. It is well designed.


    Yo’ Momma

    This design has not aged well at all. Who would pay $30,000 for this?


    Damn, this engine bay is an equivalent to a car mechanic's dream. Room to work!

    James Zarate

    How reliable are these

    ben sher

    never seen such an ugly color and way to make an interior

    ben sher

    30000 Dollar and 50000 dollar repair costs in the next years no thanks

    mel niel

    I disagree, Porsche built exactly what they set out to build. A good looking sporty sedan with Porsche style performance and handling. Doug is getting a little hard up for critical content! Better be careful Dougy…most reviewers who try to be coy against Porsche usually end up looking like duche bags!

    Jonas Andersen

    And the big question: What are the running costs of a porsche??


    Maintenance and repair costs is what keeps the masses away. If you're looking to floss like a big baller until something major happens to it, I guess $30k is not such a bad deal. Get the Porsche certified warranty with that and you're golden.

    Aret Zelli

    That ruffled leather and light colored wood interior is muah beautiful! Very nice spec, expect for the v6

    Tolly Zgama

    Only 1 problem when you buy luxury used car, it's cheaper but service and spare parts still very expensive

    BBB T

    Buying this is like dating a 10/10 stripper! Might as well burn your money


    Play the Doug Drinking Game – Drink every time he says "QWERK".. LOL I'm drunk..

    Shocking Isn’t It?

    It's only a bargain if you like a butt ass ugly car.

    Max Klivans

    My favorite restaurant is Panamera Bread.

    Francisco Lacerda

    This is my dream car 🙄


    You haven't seen empty engine bay until looking under the hood of a EcoBoost mustang. It's kinda sad tbh.


    Holy smokes. The back seat is not for claustrophobic people.

    steinway and some guy

    sure, but it's still a porsche panamera, the ugliest modern car on par with the pt cruiser

    Steven Densmore

    Personally I always thought it looked like a station wagon.

    Marty Lynchian

    Thumbs down for saying Porsche wrong.


    I have always liked these cars. I'd get the V6 for the price and no turbo issues. Would be a fun daily for sure.

    No Brakes

    Buying a used Porsche is one thing…….Paying to keep it up is another.

    Doug Johnson

    But they look like watermelons…

    Moist Skidz


    Doug: Arm restability

    Addison Tharpe

    Reliable to me is changing the fluids and getting new sets of tires. That’s it…anyone can work on it as well no special tools needed. This car requires much more than that..not reliable…


    I can't go more than 150mph to Walmart?? That's a deal breaker.


    17:14 Deja Vu! I have been in this place before!

    Mr. Musashito

    i think the interior is gorgeous. I've been shopping these and have read get the Porsche warranty. Internet Sages! I summon you!! Any owners/former owners/internet know-it-alls?


    2012 Porsche Wart.


    Please note…what do you mean "not high ultra high miles" More vital. have you folks ever realized the nearly $5,000 a yr to spend on maintenance and major functions dying now that warranties no more….then figure $5,000 a yr for you and your boring fellow 30 something wifey wife………………that is so much more valuable than ……this dumb repetitive statement….for only under 30k can u believe it? Yep because I do NOT have $10,000 in the bank every yr for these important things….even if it is 10 yrs old and still leather seats are lookin good……For 30k, go get yo self a 4 yr old BMW 3 series that still is current model.????????? Not a 10 yr old sure as Hell money dump??? if you did this, that rough bitch Suzi Orman would decline ur ass….that 10k a yr could've gone into a Roth 401k …..i can hear her now……….such a bitch….a Porsche for 30k…yeah u stupid…… you know why the price is undr 30k…be smart, kids…

    Curtis Hill

    A Porsche that drives like a Porsche??? Doug….

    Green Mills

    Look at the background in the window. Almost looks fake it’s that beautiful.


    If I drove like 10k miles a year I would consider it…. my commute is too much for a 30k car I buy them 10-15ks and run em to the ground


    Now cover the 4S.


    Did Porsche use plastic on the steering wheel for crash protection reasons rather than aluminum?? 🤔

    soinhu foitu

    FYI Doug called the interior "elderly" because it reminds him of the 90's Buicks and Cadillacs that everyone's grandparents drove when he was growing up

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