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Here's Why BMW V8 Engines Are JUNK! Cheapest Alpina B7 Teardown

Main Here's Why BMW V8 Engines Are JUNK! Cheapest Alpina B7 Teardown

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    Ironic, it seems that German cars are more Italian than they'd like to admit. In the (paraphrased) words of Jeremy Clarkson, BMW also seems to build cars that "can be as good as a car can be… briefly."

    Southbay LA

    You deserved it for not paying much for a car . Just buy new and avoid the head aches , I hope you pay more that the car is worth and it breaks sooner that expected for paying low

    Demetrius Napavon

    Plastic, inside of an engine, that is too big for the vehicle, with no airflow and minimal cooling…. What could go wrong?


    You're junk yourself.

    Andy Freeman

    The modern M5s have this problem…. Hmmm. That engine cart is the bomb. It makes dropping engines with transmissions easy and then there's not struggle reaching the top bolts

    David Sanchez

    Trash for pretenious foreighnors that hate Americans to gloat and show status with. That's all german cars are, status symbols nothing else, it says "I can spend $80,000 on what's really only worth $20,000". No real car guys actually buy BMWs, they'll lease one as a weekend driver at best. (Excluding the E30s, E36s and E46s of course)


    couldn't be any worse then Dodges Hemi motors dropping valve seats lmao

    Christopher Powell

    what do you expect you have a hefty blower destroyer on that V8

    Marcel B.

    had to stop the video… absolutely obnoxious ads!!!!!

    Andrew Hall

    American cars are GARBAGE

    Julian Wraight

    Same problem happened on my 04 X5 V8. N62 I think, at 90k km. Junk. Wouldnt touch a BMW again.

    Gerry Freeman


    Richard Skipper

    And people say the Northstar is a bad design..At least you can get 100 thousand miles or better before you need to repair them.

    Mint Restorations

    Thanks for the “heads” up on the BMW V8s! We will stick with their straight 6 engines 😉

    Injector Planet

    match those tires bud

    Bill Feinberg

    Note to self: Never, ever, ever, ever buy a BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Audi.


    M60's are not junk… M62's slightly junk… N62's total garbage.

    Burt Hulbert

    Historical note.
    The complexity of various weapons, from artillery to tanks to aircraft, contributed greatly to the demise of Nazi Germany.
    Lesson learned applied here.

    George H Gordy

    The alternator looks like a an easy 5 minute job… Now that the engine is out… with it in it looks to be an uneasy 5 hour job…. With it doubling as an oil catch can you might wanna change it.. FYI every $3,500 mid 2000's BMW Alpina always costs $35,000 to repair and make roadworthy… ALWAYS… LOL

    Reg M

    A very clean and sterile workshop. I would say cleaner than most BMW dealership service departments.

    Kyle Zobell

    I remember when I worked at a BMW dealer we had to order a new engine and supercharger in for one of these.

    115k Canadian. Worth like 5x as much as the car was, lol. Buddy was pissed.

    That was right around the time we were doing a lot of valve stem seals on the N63’s too. Gravy days.


    Do a ls swap lol cheap parts

    papi miami

    The Germans are brilliant engineers . They have perfected engineering cars to break systematically . But they do look nice

    Lasse Kristensen

    BMW engines are among the best in the world.. and the oil seals can go yes! But first after hundred thousands of kilometers/ miles.. or when they are very old! Its a wear and tear on any engine.. I dont think that it justifies to say that due to this BMW engines are junk?! … There was also a reason why you got the 100.000 dollars car for 3500 dollar which is basically nothing! It's a Alpina 7 series for crying out loud.. Last time and only time I had that problem with one of my 5 BMWs was on an old E30 from 1985… Not to mention yours is a Alpina so it properly got hammered a lot and maybe not serviced well, could be a lot of factors.. good luck with the car ..


    Hmmm … none of my BMW V’8’s have had issues. My v-10 M5 on the other hand … many issues.

    Carlton Harris

    Even after all of Hoovie’s bmw troubles over the years I still want one lol


    is it not possible to pressurize the cal with compressed air at TDC and swap valve seal in place?

    The Mongoose

    What a shit design for a valve seal.
    And how do you fail in timing chain design?
    Glad i grew up with french cars.
    They dont fail in stupidly engineered ways.


    There is no excuse for this type of failure. What a crappy company to simply ignore these problems for 2 decades. It's not just that BMW makes garbage, but it's that the company itself ignores the problems and refuses to fix them. That's pathetic.

    Hal 1000

    Wouldn't touch a BringMyWallet with a ten foot poll

    Jason Knight

    X5 owner. Same f#$=/× problem


    Nice, finally a proper mechanic.

    Steven Otto

    My 2007 550 went 142k before I had to replace the valve seals, probably due to 5k oil changes vs the 15k between oil changes per I Drive. If Hoovie has half a brain, he'll change the two 69 cent o-rings at each end of the crossover coolant pipe while he's got the engine out.

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