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Here’s Why Car Dealerships are Scumbags

Main Here’s Why Car Dealerships are Scumbags

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    Here’s Why Car Dealerships are Scumbags, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Car dealership scams. Buying a car at the dealership. Why not to buy a car at …

    Scotty Kilmer

    I Just Bought My Dream Car:

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    Cody Carter

    Scotty I have a 1994 Chevy Z71 1500 should I switch to a heavier oil than the stock oil

    Ferocious Ferret

    The only thing I do at a car dealership is buying a new car & fixing recall. Otherwise, I stay far away from it, like I stay away from da hood…

    Samuel bond

    Can you do a video on hyundai

    Jerry Kelley

    I've taken my Scion xB to the dealer a few times for recalls. What I've found strange about it was I made sure I had my oil level was right before I left home. For some reason when I got my car back I was missing two quarts! Every car dealer will do something to make the engines die so they can make more money! And it's not just the dealers, I've found it happens with independent shops too!

    BB Beck

    Hey talk about the Cadillac CT6 and new Cadillacs in general. What do you think comparing to competition?

    Tim Mueller

    The only time I ever bought a new car from a dealer was when I tried to order a 1979 Ford Fiesta from Germany. Wanted one with both vent windows and air conditioning. You could get one or the other but not both on the ones they sent the dealers. Agreed on a price, gave the dealer a down payment and was told it would take about 6 months. Received up dates, it had been made, was on the boat, was in country, was on the rails…etc. Then about a week before delivery the dealer calls and says he has to give me my deposit back, Ford says they don't have the car. Both myself and the dealer were not happy. I ended up buying different Fiesta off another dealers show room floor. At the time I was young in my 20's and I let it pass. Now I would have raised a stink and started working my way up the chain of command. I think someone in Ford saw and stold my car since it was a one of a kind and it's in some executive's garage here in the usa but I can't prove it.


    Scotty how would i fix my mass flow sensor on my 2011 nissan altima?

    paul espinosa

    Scotty would do a Kardashian if he had the chance

    James the Fisherman

    I bought a 2018 Tacoma last year and took it to the dealership for a 15,000 mile service and they told me it was out of alignment and charged me to align it. Is it normal to be out of alignment at that mileage and should that have been covered under the warranty?

    Mackenzie Clement

    when your ready to be stolen from, go to the stealership

    D J

    How do you know you got a great deal from a dealership? Simple. The salesman is all pissed off and grudgingly fishes all the paperwork for the sale and you never hear from him again. Fact. The last two vehicles I bought from two separate dealerships and I got awesome deals from both and received the exact same treatment post sale. I was prepared and they hated me, but they didn’t want to have to pay another month of taxes or have to go to auctions on their vehicles. I was the ‘lesser of those two evils’ 👿

    Malachi Moen

    Scotty: Car dealers are scumbags
    MrBeast: Hmmmm ok

    Drew Jackson

    Scotty! I just had this done to my 2014 Honda Accord and it requires an actual Honda Starter and potential Torque Converter Clockwise Rotation by one bolt. This problem is a known issue in the Crosstour 2013-15 and Accord 2013-15, only in the V6. Would be a great video to help warn or help others! Check out Honda Service Bulliten A16-002 for detailed info. You're the best, keep up the great videos.

    Andrew J

    Some people are so dumb the whole car could be Chinese plastic and if it said BMW they would still buy it. About half the country are that stupid. The type that think the tv news is more than just entertainment.


    Even worse scumbags are people who "flip cars"

    William De Leon

    Is mirage a mirage hatchback a good buy?

    sean ausome

    Dealership and banks are working together to screw people out of their money every chance they get.

    Paul Herzog

    Scotty, own a 2009 toyota tacoma. MF is bullet proof.:)


    Dealers wana make as much money off you as they can :/

    Kyle Bales

    I quit watching after you said you have to take the intake off of 2014 Accords to replace the starter and you have replaced tons of them..Wrong..intake doesnt have to come off..watching these videos are like watching the flakka dance video..


    The stipulation for the Toyota lifetime power train warranty they give you for free is that you have to have all your maintenance done at a Toyota dealership. I think it's just a way for them to make money for their service department.

    Seumas MacKinlay


    angelo crisostomo


    Handy Cap

    Like the cat pillows on the couch. The perfect pet you never feed.

    Philip Emanuele

    This isn’t an issue with Tesla


    BMW there is a a joke in the car business about BMWs the difference between a BMW and a porcupine is the BMW has the pricks inside

    Mark Villano

    Scotty: Great opening question and answer. I hope that when people are negotiating to buy a used car at a dealership, that they whip out their phones, and give them a little blast of Scotty, as the guy is trying to sell his "warranty".

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