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Here’s Why Cars are a Ripoff

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    Here’s Why Cars are a Ripoff, DIY and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Rip off report. Car ripoffs and car scams. Car repair ripoff. Why cars are so …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    Ramose ___

    Thanos car

    Jack Kurtis Productions

    Dodge trucks are pretty. But lemons. Also, that little knob shifter pisses me off. It's so wimpy looking

    Silver N Black Mopar

    Happy medium, 94 Toyota Celica🤷

    ted martinez

    Thats why I never get vehicles that wont make me money.


    I like when people sell their car and say:

    New exhaust, new brakes, new tires, new transmission, new head gasket – great car. For Sale $3000 or best offer.


    No one will go through and spend that kind of money AND THEN put the car up for sale after having JUST COMPLETED those repairs. Its a scam!


    Politicans and their behaviour represents the biggest ripoff of all.


    Cars are getting harder and harder to fix. More expensive, but they arent lasting longer. So, the per mile cost of driving is going up.

    Adam Macias

    Scotty you're one of the top youtubers period.

    Max Payne

    Were can I find a mechanic like you in my area

    Youtuber Radical Rick

    So great to have an honest voice like you on youtube man. Celica forever!

    Liberty Loving Libertarian

    Scotty gives so much valuable information in a short amount of time and he is very funny while doing it, I just love this guy.

    username denied

    Got a new car. Monthly payment is about 330. Insurance is about 270. I had no clue I would be paying for two cars when I got it. (Never had an accident, btw).

    Robert Troxell

    I bought a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup in 2002. It had 24,000 miles and in the years since I have added 80,000 miles. I don’t put a lot of miles on it but I use it to haul stuff and have significantly over-loaded it with gravel a few times. In all those years, I have only spent about $1500 on repairs, outside of routine maintenance. I had to replace a fuel rail, one brake hose and and ball joints. Suspension is original otherwise and the engine and transmission have given me no problems. Body rust has been the biggest issue. I hope to drive it at least 10 more years. Either I got an unusual example or Dodge trucks are pretty good.

    Crypto Kris

    What I have learnt from this Chantal is that cars are a rip off but crypto currency CanYacoin CAN is amazing value


    This guy is full of energy, keep up the videos scotty ☺

    um hi

    The only good salvage cars are from toyota, lexus, honda


    I've owned Dodge vehicles since they made the Omni's and charger's in the 80's. Everyone complains about this and that but let me tell you, I've NEVER had a problem so big that it stranded me. Except when I did something stupid and it was my fault. To this day I have had and loved: 1986 Dodge Charger, 1987 Plymouth Duster, 1990 Dodge Shadow, 1990 Dodge Shadow ES (took a few Cayenne's on the street), 1986 Plymouth Laser, another Laser but turbo, 1992 Daytona ES, 94 Dakota V8 SLT, 2002 Dakota SLT AWD. In addition to the 2002 Dak I still have TWO 1992 Dodge Stealth's. Rust free. ( I know they aren't really Dodge but hey..) Take care of your cars people.

    Cosimo Kramarawicz

    All batteries are the same. The only difference is the price vs the warranty. A two year battery is no worse than a 5 year battery.

    Beehive Limo

    Buy Toyota ends problems w vehicles 🚗🏎🚙🚑🚚🚌🚒🛴🏍🚖🚘🚎🚐🚍🚲

    FluffyShark Datazz

    Just went to the dealer..
    I asked what the noise was and he said turbo.. that model doesn’t have a turbo.. and that the supposed turbo he pointed at was an alternator… then it smoked and he said that new cars lately have been doing that fresh off the lot and not to worry… I didn’t end up getting the car and the scan tool I sneaked into the car showed a few error codes.


    Cars are not a Rip-off but people can rip you off selling you a car.  my last car took me to work for the last 13 years trouble free because I didn't get ripped off when I bought it and I maintained it.

    Demerrill Spencer


    Marc Carnohan

    Hi Scotty. I love Toyota cars (we have a Sienna) but I am SO conflicted in my search to replace my aging Miata. The newer Corollas and Camrys all have horrid styling. I'm having a hard time getting past it. Big grill: blyech. Also it is so hard to find a manual transmission (CVT? Don't think so). But there were so many years of oil burning Toyota 4 bangers—I yi yi. Any other brands you'd even consider? I liked an older style Impala I rented once and heard they can go 300k miles…


    There's a reason why they dropped the Dodge from Dodge Ram's. Because they are dodgy, lol!

    C DAWG

    Are 2014 escalades reliable?


    🎯Spot-on with the Infiniti..😖
    Stupid car knows when I have a couple of bucks…😒

    Jen N Jase Coker

    That Cat Pillow😂

    Yeah Train

    Hey Scotty what cars would you recommend generally by brand


    how do you ask him one of these questions??? where do I ask it???

    Jordan See

    Gas is ripoff, but that’s what keeps USA running

    Finn Green

    Latest four runners and tundras $50m. Before aftermarket options. And that first too- deep stream🤔

    Mr. Roboto

    Fiat isn't that bad!

    Dangerous Guy

    Scotty what can you say about lexus vs toyota?

    terje tytland

    Rev up your asian cat pillows😁 and dount get ripped off😁

    Salvatore Shiggerino

    3:19 Don't do this if you have directional tires. If this guy has high end tires, they're likely to be directional.

    YK Elvis

    My friends Dodge Ram Cummins transmission went out, it’s a 2015 and it only had under 10k miles

    Karel Carbonneau Montpellier

    I always wanted to get a BMW but Scotty says they're unreliable. I was saddened to hear that info. It looks that I'm going to get either a Toyota or Honda even though I still want the bimmer 🙁

    Mike K4ISR

    All cars and trucks suck, get a motorcycle…. Easier to work on, better gas mileage, and mild increase in danger while driving.

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