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Here's Why Collector Car Auctions are a MASSIVE RIPOFF

Main Here's Why Collector Car Auctions are a MASSIVE RIPOFF

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    Hoovies Garage

    This video WAS NOT sponsored by Bringatrailer! I actually applied for a job there once, writing sale ads. They never responded.

    Byron WhitIow

    Those large auctions do need a little more competition! I had no idea about those insane fees.


    0:53 my idola is waving at me!!

    Mister LeCoy

    tyler……you need to build an office in that garage….just like the tavarish is planning to do in his garage………….use it for video editing and broadcasting etc.

    Padraig Hanly

    Would you consider converting the DeLorean to electric?…no more problems!

    Russell Hale

    What just happened?

    Rohit tammineedi

    I think your channel is a major rip-off

    Michael Russell

    Love ya vids, they are a hoot and interesting at the same time πŸ˜€


    Hoovie, do you respect wood?

    Alexander Oppenheim

    None of these cars are really that collectible and the Cadillac πŸ˜‚πŸ€£. That’s the ugliest thing I’ve seen. If you don’t have hundreds of thousands to spend on real collector cars that usually cost minimum 50k and higher per car, then you shouldn’t complain about going to an auction, not wanting to spend money and then complaining about getting a hooptie that you probably could have found and bought private party and saved all the fees.


    i sold a car at one of those auctions once. 3 weeks later…BOOM! Herpes.

    TGF 2005

    If the Delorean battery dies, just hit your head on the steering wheel. Worked for Marty.

    Gary Ashdown

    Interesting idea to stick it to the so called untouchable big boys auctions, it would be brilliant to see someone to pull off a auction in the way that you suggest let's hope someone has got a big enough pair of man plumbs to do it. By the way your a braver man than me to wear them shorts πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜±πŸ˜±.
    Gary….. England πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

    Magna Cars

    RM is the only auction company I would buy from/sell.


    Why not use a trickle charger on the Delorean or for really, on any car, It doesnt seem you use it on any of the cars ?



    Terry Hesticles

    This channel is "a massive ripoff".

    Jason Lau

    I think when he said x5 I think he meant m5, cus they don't make X5 manuals

    Thrissur Diary

    "i have sold cars in these auctions and made money"- Really! we have not yet seen that side of you….

    b is for benz

    subscribe to me I need it


    Yes, auctions have always been notoriously corrupt on so many levels, haven't bought a vehicle at one for many years. Stay away from them.

    Jose Martinez

    I love bring a trailer!

    That’s besides the point

    Welcome to the 1%'er pawn shop !
    And you are not invited.. unless you have $750 !

    Lawrence Lentini

    Should have just ignored the fact that you weren't wearing pants lol

    Sebastiaan Roest

    Your smart about bring a trailer @moneraycarweek (sorry for spelling mistakes English issnt my first language)


    The 300SL on BAT sold for $1234567 , I guess the buyer wanted to be funny.

    Kevin nonyobusiness

    Best car channel on YouTube


    Hoovie, this is the first time you proved yourself not being a stupid one, on the contrary, your brain works brilliantly! So, yes, great video!

    Karl Karstens

    Scotty Kilmer is that you?


    Whenever I go to the collector car auctions I puff on the Cannabis Cigar and get all schmoked up.

    F. Gediz Aksit

    How about an auction for pants?

    Malcolm Reynolds

    Yeah, fuk Barret-Jackass and Me-CUM auctions!


    Autographed photos of you in your boxers, may sell better than Doug's photos. Then we'll have some real quirks and features to talk about. Please everyone, let's make sure we hit the subscribe button.


    There"s that fly again 4:18

    Denis Rasch

    There'll be one horse head from each of the larger auction houses in your bed ……

    Matt’s Garage

    I’m sure your new neighbours are very confused…πŸ˜‚

    Bronzed Eagle

    I know not a add for them but god they need to go global. I live In Australia and we are in need of this. if only o had the funds to open a website myself for this haha


    Collector Car Auctions. Don't. Just don't.

    H H

    That rug really ties the garage together

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