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Here's Why I Sold 4 of My Cars To Other YouTubers: HOOPTIE FLEET UPDATE!

Main Here's Why I Sold 4 of My Cars To Other YouTubers: HOOPTIE FLEET UPDATE!

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    Read my column on Autotrader here: Buy Hoovie’s Garage T-Shirts here: Follow …

    Filip V.

    I would not put the Lambo under the E500. The E500's change to leak anything is a lot bigger then the Lambo and could be very expensive to fix on the Lambo. juys my 2 cents…


    Hoovie I love driving please be a mentor to me to help me reach my goals …..please

    Satomi Fujiyama

    I would of paid you $10K for the Phantom

    Wilson Laidlaw

    When you have your 996 TT in pieces, it would be best to replace all the retaining studs on the exhaust side of both turbo's. These are notorious for suffering corrosion waisting (or maybe wasting) and can then snap. Easy job when you have the engine out but quite a big job as a separate task. I had the turbo studs replaced once on my 996 TTS and twice (over 10 years) on my 997 TTS.

    Tamara Tamara


    Leo Messi Driving


    is it a good idea to hang leaky old mercedes on top of your new lamborghini? seems legit.

    Mr Jones

    I like this channel because he seems authentic. He asks for viewers to subscribe, he thanks his viewers for the extra income, he always plugs other Youtubers, etc. He, Demuro, Scotty and Soyfan are my 4 car channels. 👍🏾


    Hoovies is running an ethical but unfortunately a non-profit dealiship that fixes the cheapest cars in the country

    Atoool K

    noooooo not the Viper!!!!! :'(

    Steve Butcher

    So after the wizard threw a gear shifter and a gearbox at the Maserati and still not fixing it he says take it to the dealer. That is guess work at its finest.

    David Evans

    You didn’t throw out your back getting out of the Aston Martin, you threw it out tryna keep that hot ass wife of yours from going to a black dude😂😂

    Jim Hoxworth


    Dfekt Nsc

    Hehe lumbarsexual

    Hamid Ali

    8:45 Thank me later

    fyhfb ass

    That is fucked up because I literally just played my copy of the Unsolved Mysteries soundtrack and it JUST finished with that theme.


    ffs give the wizard his own mic


    Did he ever sell the Buick park avenue?


    When are we gonna see that failed go90 show?

    Joel Brand

    Well knowing the cars hoovie owns, I wouldn’t park other cars underneath them with the lifts since there going to be covered in oil soon. 😂


    something definitelly popped during that "heimlich"


    8:49 the back pop's …. get a massage + sleep Hoovie.


    The Wagoneer looks so much better with out the wood paneling!

    Tom Buresh

    I once hurt my back putting the gallon sized jug of Gatorade back in the refrigerator. Since then I only buy the 32 ounce bottles. It's amazing how easy it is to hurt yourself doing everyday things. Like everyone else I thought T.H. was selling the Rolls Royce.

    John mcdonald

    Wagoneer+Denis Collins=Hellwagon. Its science.

    David Blalock

    12:10 So we know the Viper has been sold to a YouTuber in Dallas. Kappa

    David Blalock

    The important question on everyone's mind is"Will they let you on the track again with the Porsche?"


    The LEXUS SC in the wizards shop. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Nothing else matters. Lol.


    If only I wasn't broke. The Viper has been my dream car since I was a kid. Plus I live in Wichita so you could have visitation rights.

    Jobin Johnson

    2nd coolest after the Prius with the hell cat engine 😑

    Davy Rando

    Me: Please don't sell the Phantom please don't sell the 911 please don't sell the Phantom please don't sell the 911…

    Hoovie: I'm not selling my Phantom, and I miss the 911 and I'm not gonna sell it


    Ernest Clements

    What you are selling cars? You should be giving them away to people from "generational poverty"!


    So what happened with the Plymouth Police Car?

    Mike B

    Omg sell the Masterati to someone with some dedication if you can't get it fixed…. or put the Ferrari engine in the Previa..

    J T

    Lumber sexual, lol.

    Brian Fox

    When are you going to buy a Porsche 914?… A lot of weird things happening lately with the price of these "underappreciated" Porsches… Looking like the prices are about to take off… (would love your thoughts)

    Left Flamingo

    Please please, get the wizard a lav mic when doing these segments.

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