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Here's Why Mechanics Don't Want You to Buy This Car

Main Here's Why Mechanics Don't Want You to Buy This Car

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    If You Don’t Have This Car for a Daily Driver You’re Stupid, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. The most Reliable car for a daily driver. Most reliable cars.

    Scotty Kilmer

    6 Worst SUVs Only Stupid People Buy:

    ⬇️ Things used in this video:

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    3. AT 205 Re-seal: AT-205 Re-Seal:

    4. Common Sense

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    3. My Fancy (Originally $5,000) Professional Scan Tool:

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    5. Basic Mechanic Tool Set:

    6. Professional Socket Set:

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    Richard Ho

    2010 and 2011 has the 2ar-fe too

    joey jenks

    Who Thinks Scotty is the Best ? From Joey in Honolulu. ,Hawaii , Aloha 😎


    I had a 2009 Scotty and it gave me over 350 000 easily n I sold it.. Mint inside n ehh ok outside


    Toyota is God Tier

    واحد زهقان

    The problem with RWD in the snow is that the front wheels can't steer because they are skidding. They can only move where they are pushed–straight forward. It has nothing to do with pushing and pulling. (Precise) Straight driving is the same.

    Andrew Johnson

    😂 idk about the garbage truck, I've got almost 200,000 combined miles in a K2 generation 1500 with 6 speed/5.3, and there have been issues with the AFM lifters collapsing, but there's an easy way to avoid that.
    1. GDI Cleaner spray every oil change. Just before you change your old oil, spray a can into the engine.
    2. Disable the V4 mode.
    3. Use an oil catch can.

    It's the carbon building up on the valves that causes lifter issues.

    Transmission: the 6 speed 6L80E is not a new thing, it's been around a while. Change your fluid in it regularly, it'll be fine.

    Mine runs great, gets 22-23 highway mpg as a full time V8, 17-18 in town. They're great trucks, you just gotta know how to work with them.


    What newer years and models are some good Camrys?

    j freed

    Scotty "… and it keeps on going on down the road" Kilmer.

    Rafael B

    My tc has the same 2ar-Fe with a Manual 6 speed 👍🏽

    D3 2B

    YES!, I got lucky and didn't know it. I have a 2011 Camry with the 6 speed. I just looked under the hood and there is the 2AR-FE Sticker.

    christian lail

    Scotty please please do more behind the scenes clips like your "trash truck"

    Michael Williams

    Scotty, you talk about this specific model, what about same car with the 6 cylinder engine? Im looking at a 2012 Toyota Camry with 60K miles and a 6 cylinder engine?


    toyota has a disease called denso

    That Guy

    2002 Camry 272K, burns oil like he says, just keep an eye on it and keep it topped off, runs like a Champ. Thank you Toyota!

    Rudy Munoz

    Scotty sounds like a used car salesman 😄

    asimo sss

    God Bless Scotty Kilmer 😇


    Fortunately, the brand new Camry being sold here in the Philippines still has the tried and true 2.5L I4 engine with the 6-speed transmission. I am currently on the market for a family sedan. This is now on top of my list and probably the only one I would consider buying because Scotty said it has a bulletproof powertrain.


    Please stop associating the word sport with Toyota Camry Scotty

    David Christopher

    Yeah, unfortunately the transmission has a torque converter shudder issue.

    Shantz Collymore

    Hey Scotty, how would I be able to tell if a Camry has the 2AR-FE engine if I'm buying online? A lot of the listings don't have the information or a photo of the info inside the engine bay.

    Kwamena Plays

    You got me hooked on the matrix 2010 but now I want this same one as my first car. I'm sure it'll last forever, too.

    George Santos

    Thanks Scotty!!

    Dave Buck

    I thought Toyota NEVER made unreliable engines and transmissions.

    Trucking Jamaicans

    Toyota will fix those 8spd over time

    Louis Tucker

    I rented a 2019 Corolla and thought it was terrible. My Mazda three has more power, better gas mileage, and is way more comfortable. Maybe an older Toyota is better

    david marsden

    Thanks scotty!!!!

    Gary from GLASGOW

    34 mpg on highway (motorway) is abysmally low fuel economy here in the UK. We expect 40-50 for petrol & 50-70 for diesel.

    Thomas Smith

    Scotty just raised the price of used Camrys by $1000. Get a Sonata instead.

    Ethan Glover

    Had a 2014 camry that i loved UNTIL… 90,000 miles the heater quit working multiple times. Was about to take it to the dealer to get fixed when the trans started slipping right at 100,000 miles. Traded that POS in for a 2016 Kia Sorento. at 110,000 miles so far I've had 0 issues.


    I got mine brand new I still have it no issues at all love it

    Mohamed Ali Hebboul

    Against all odds… Very nice video

    Myself Speaking

    Scot will be the best NBA commentator of team Lakers if he wants to change career. – lebron😂✌

    Randy Green

    Toyota Camry's are good dependable cars and get great gas mileage. On a recent road trip from Indiana to Florida and back, my wifes 2018 Camry managed 40 mpg! It has the 2.5 direct injection 4 cylinder engine with automatic transmission.

    Blaine Foley

    Yeah but the main problem with most of the Toyota's out there is that they are boring as heck. They don't make you feel good when driving them. They are boring to look at and boring to drive, but if all you care about is reliability, then go for it. But they're still boring.


    Hey scotty.. try the toyota vios


    Omg, that’s identical to the Camry I just bought a few months ago! Mines a 2013 with 87k. So far I love it!
    I have converted my whole fleet to toyota. My wife drove a 2012 beetle now a 2016 rav4. My daughter 2012 beetle to a 2013 corolla. My work car was a 2001 pt cruiser. We got my son a 01 corolla(my first Toyota ever)in
    2012. I think my fleet is a whole lot more reliable now.

    Jonathan Crews

    "Just get used to, if you run in to something, knockin' it back into place." "But its what's under the hood…" HA!

    buddEboy 01

    What about my 2012 Camry with the 2GR-FE V6? Should I trade it for the 4 banger?

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