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Here’s Why New Cars Break Down

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    Here’s Why New Cars Break Down, DIY and car review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. New car broke down. Buying a new car. Should I buy a new car?

    Scotty Kilmer

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    chris decker

    Been using waterless cleaners for my bike for years have no issues. My car on the other hand I never wash it I just dust off the inside from time to time.

    Mr. Long Long

    Rev up ur engine ! Buy Toyota celica!

    David Morse

    So a new factory in China makes good cars.
    A new factory in Mexico makes lousy cars.
    Sorry, I'm never going to buy a Chinese car made out of paper.

    Ray S

    For all you people that think Capitalism is bad, I invite you to move to Venezuela or some other socialist country.
    GREED is bad. Not Capitalism.

    Jim Tomlinson

    Wait till 3D printing gets really cheap. The whole car will be crap.

    John L

    Scotty, Why do you hate Nissan so much, is it because they do not pay you to not knock there product. I have owned Nissan automobiles & SUV's for over 20 years now and they have been trouble free for me.

    Georgie Is MGTOW

    Lease them now a day

    Truchitoh Figueroa

    You make me laugh Scotty !


    I went to a used tire shop with 4 new tires asked him to mount and balance them the owner told me unless I bought his tires he wouldn't do it boggled me because I was gonna pay either way if I buy his tires the mount and balance is free so I offered his used tire price to mount my new ones….. told me I was free to go somewhere else blew my mind the shop down the road charged me $20 and laughed cause that guy was dumb I was gonna pay $50 for him to do it lol


    Hey Scotty I own a 1997 Toyota RAV4 and I'm fixing it up because someone dog crap out of it it's got like 326739 mileage on it still running good but I'm looking for a good set of shocks struts for it is there any way you can get back at me and let me know the best set of struts is out there to buy thank you for all your help thank you for all your videos and congratulations on taking the number one spot on YouTube keep up the good work keep up the good job hope to hear from you soon thank you

    Robbin Banks

    Chinese cars are not sold in America because they do not meet strict safety guidelines

    Robbin Banks

    Sorry, but I must disagree on this video. My newer cars have lasted longer than my older cars and I'm driving my newer cars even more. My newer cars require less maintenance than my older cars. My 2009 Cobalt has almost 300,000 miles with no leaks and no smoking it was normal wear and tear it still running great. My 87 Chevy required an engine rebuild before 150,000 and I drive my Cobalt more harder and more often than I did my 87 Chevy. As for resale value, Chevy always done me excellent.

    Paul Ahlers

    last time i checked, Japan is a capitalist country. guess you just got lucky with your Toyota, huh?


    Yeah i think i'll keep my 04 Denali til the wheels fall off. I feel like i'm getting nickled and dimed but i got a great deal on it, has a new trans, tires and soon brakes and want to get a toyota but i might as well just drive it.


    I'm an auto detailer, and I agree that paste wax is better in the long run and does a nice job. On the other hand, if you need a quick touch up after a wash, the spray on waxes are good for that, as they are quick to apply.

    Katrina Hopkins

    The tap dancer, while Scotty moved his hands! Lol


    Watching Scotty is like spending time with my wise old slightly wonky grand dad.
    I regain my faith in humanity after watching Scotty for 10 minutes.
    Be interesting to see where these youtube celebrities are in 10 and 20 years time.
    Scotty's take on e-vehicles, and cheap Asian lithium batteries.


    Chinese cars will be cheap because they don't go through the trouble of designing them. They are "pros" at doing 'knock-offs' though. BTW, China doesn't abide by international patent laws, so that's why.

    Sean Lindskog

    Scotty, i bought a 1996 Opel Omega 2.0 for 900$. Am i screwed?🤔

    Eric Maza

    I am sad i have the earth dreams techno.

    Keneti Pese

    Toyota rules baby……….

    TJfishbuk Salliverro

    Volvo was bought by China , you do you know that folks?


    Where is your research and proof in the beginning.


    They laugh at my get metro. I tell them I get 50mpg . They stop laughing. Old but a goodie. New v6 Chevy van get terrible mpg , sold it . Still use my 1975 sb Chevy service step van . Great tool rig . Love Co tent @scottykilmer

    why tho

    Hey Scotty, I have a 2016 Nissan Rouge SV and the hood moves a lot whenever I get on the highway, I'm scared it'll pop open one day on me and I'll end up crashing, do you think it could happen?


    3:14 – "go online" lmaooo at the picture

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