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Here’s Why People Love Saab Cars

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    Saab 900 turbo car review. Here’s Why People Love Saab Cars, car review and car tour with Scotty Kilmer. Saab restoration. Saab car history. Car show off …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    William Schuman

    You could take people on site seeing tour's with that windshield


    Hey Scotty, an irrelevant question: Generally speaking, what's been your philosophy and attitude in life?

    BC Green

    If they weren't so expensive they might have caught on….

    individual 1

    Last year of the older face. Love the SPG.

    Don Jabra

    My dad wants to make shawarma… little bother falafel. My mom wants to play the drums. Happy New Year!!!!

    hector madera

    Love your channel

    300IQ Wizard

    I can picture Eagan from Ghostbusters driving a 900.

    fa de



    This was before GM take over SAAB. Great and interesting cars.

    300IQ Wizard

    That Saab runs like a s.o.b.

    Josh Blanton

    Oh Scotty, you think you’re slick, changing the thumbnail in such. I KNOW WHAT YOU DID!

    (I still love your content, seriously, it makes my day every time I see your uploads in my sub feed)


    Very Nice!
    Super Safe Too!
    I'm not a dentist or university professor-Haha

    300IQ Wizard

    I was going to get an 06 9-3. It has 160000. Yes or no? Reasons


    Saab 2 litre turbo in the UK are as cheap as 1000 dollars today in 2019 ,but if things go wrong good luck trying to fix it lol as Saab no longer exists the parts are no longer available, i remember one guy took his Saab to my local mechanic the mechanic had to literally make the guy new brake pipes and other parts as he could not find 1 place even online in the UK that sold brake pipes for a 30 year old Saab

    Jonathan Bywater

    Brilliant cars. I have two. If you look after them they are still as good as new after 300k miles

    will edwards

    While doing your walk around where did you have the camera mounted on your shoe….crunch, crunch?

    Mike Morales

    Always loved those cars, I think he meant that special version was that expensive, I remember pricing a 2 door, manual, non-turbo and it was withing my budget

    Evan B

    People up here in Maine love Saabs.

    roy Yung

    SAAB = why?

    Robert Hart

    I am on my 5th Saab. First was a 99 EMS> 900 T> 93 sedan> 93 estate with 6> and now a 2004 95 estate that I bought used in 2010, and love. every passenger loves the ride, handling, comfort and smoothness 152K. I did have to replace the turbo recently. Go to Saab Cnetral for great forum


    Rev up your cassette deck with some Wang Chung

    Roberts Markovs

    A beautifull car 🙂
    my isue with saabs ( even while i still drive one ) is lack of 4×4 drive 🙂

    Rob Fish

    Can't handle the crunchy gravel noise!

    El South Side

    I love my saab 🔥


    SPG's should have at least gotten 1 badge stating that it was a SPG. What good is having a rare special model if nobody could tell. Beautiful car though.


    6 cars, it amazes me the amount of things people are willing to buy which end up owning them

    Marcel Iamthatiam Jones


    S Row

    Lol saab story 😂

    Abdul Kelani

    Scotty can you recommend a cheap bi-directional scan tool


    Birmingham, the Dearborn Mecca of The South.

    Biff 1 Tannen

    Great video😊👍 hi Scotty, a funfact : the headlights on this Saab, also fit a 1992 Toyota celica and other Toyota from that period🤣

    A Team

    wow one that is still running, back in the day I sure did tow many of them things off to the junk yards all over town, after people paid me to first tow them to 3 other repair shops that all told them sorry about your luck. I ended up making a lot of money towing the same Saab cars from place to place. and to their final resting place.

    De Corium Johnson

    My city Birmingham AL

Viewing 35 posts - 1 through 35 (of 35 total)
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