Thursday, March 23, 2023

Here’s Why People Say I'm Stupid

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    Here’s Why People Say I’m Stupid, DIY and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Things stupid people and non-car guys say about Scotty Kilmer.

    Scotty Kilmer

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    I wonder if there’s cars in Heaven!!!!!


    "If Sony makes a better car?" imagine Sony "Challenge accepted"

    Medo Gabr

    You said cold air intakes do nothing. Bought a cold air intake and ran before and after dynos. +15hp and 17 tq. Ur bulldhit

    Jonathan Moore

    Agree re Lexus LS400 first generation. Friend has one that has done over 500000km and still going well in harsh sunny sydney Australia

    Kingkhon 187

    You mention “Toyota” at least once in every episode dating back since your 1st youtube episode, cause I checked

    Jonathan Segovia

    Scotty are you really from HOUSTON !!! If yes it would be an honor to meet with you, been a follower for quite awhile now!

    Jay Vid

    Scotty Love from India.. Your reviews are brilliant.. Screw em.

    javy sto

    Scotty the most intelligent people in the world are called stupid

    Carver john

    Actually, I'm pretty sure it's because of your idiotic Tesla video.


    “Money pit” I just felt like saying it 😂😂😂


    Can I pay you to do a full tune up on my car

    D R

    You’re the man Scotty!!!

    bob thebuilder

    People say ur stupid? If they watch ur videos it’s obvious ur very knowledgeable in ur career and the fact u can do what u love for a living and maintain a huge YouTube channel for fun/ more income makes u pretty smart by my books

    Brody Z

    You've inspired me to work on my own cars and it's been saving me loads of money. Thank you Scotty for all that you say and do.

    risk jose

    I never read one post or heard someone say scotty was stupid? Scotty Rockz

    Daniel 357

    Hey, looking for solutions to car problems. Look to Scotty channel first. Haven’t been steered wrong yet in 10 years.

    Robert Smith

    I would say 90% of what you is correct the other 10% is a matter of opinion can go either way

    K1980 Pray for the world

    You’re a God

    All Season Landscaping & Handyman

    The opening of this video I crack laughing then I saw the horse. I laugh to the point I got a cramp.

    B Jeremy

    I don't think you're stupid, but you do come across like you did 2 lines of coke before each video i've seen of you.

    John Doe

    Because you are.

    Douglas Strother

    Love all the pics in the upper right corner!

    Anmol R.

    You are a GEM scotty 🙂

    Free Eagle

    Keep it up,👍we'll keep watching.


    Rev up your haters!!! 😂👊👊👊

    Ephraim Camacho

    Scotty your the best thank you for all your help!

    Ed Horn

    I am a mechanic, and you are one of the most knowlegdeable guys I have heard , I listen to you often

    Dan Stafford

    Most mechanics on the internet have a website that you have to register to and pay a fee to get there advice!

    Benito Montiel jr.

    Stupid?! You have over 2.4 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS

    Tarek Radi

    Scotty, ignore tha haters. I love your professional advice based on experience. Keep it up!!!

    isaac LaMastra

    What's your opinion on a 1990 toyata camry. Thanks

    William Culveaux

    🎶"Scotty Scotty he's our man he can't do it no one can"🎶

    Stang Dad

    I think Scotty is alright 😉

    dano huizww

    I don’t think people hate on u cause 51 years I doubt u have had as a mechanic sometimes I know ur wrong on certain stuff u just say what u think is right but your wrong sometime and I know for a fact

    Adam P

    The only stupid thing is Chryslers quality control

    James Westley

    You're the man. I watch you constantly, og af.


    So stupid he has 2.4 million subscribers :).

    David Leone

    Scotty, my girlfriend is looking to get a new car. What would you recommend as a reliable, fuel efficient, and good looking car? Please answer!!!

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